Мемлекеттік ұлттық табиғи «Бурабай» саябағы

State National Nature Park "Burabay" was organized in August 2002. 14 lakes with the water-surface area over 1 square kilometer each and a lot of smaller lakes are located on the territory of the park. Bolshoye and Maloye Chebachye, Schuchye, Borovoye and Maibalyk are the greatest and well-known lakes. Borovoye has no material culture monuments. But the combination of magnificent mountains, blue lakes, pine woods and larch forests created unique beautiful landscapes of nature. The waves of an ancient vast sea beat the shore of the lake a long time ago. At the end of drift epoch the sea was swept away, and the landscape assumed modern mountainous shape. The sun, the wind and rains formed cavities, caves, and holes in the rocks, making them fantastically shaped and scenic. There exists some mysterious, attracting power in granite sculptures created by the Mother Nature itself. Having stepped aside just a little bit and giving way to your imagination, you will see the stones “coming into life”. Borovoye Lake (Aulie Lake) is situated at the height of 319 meters above the sea level. The shining expanse of Blue Bay bears a mysterious Zhumbaktas (Sphinx) rock. Looking at the rock from different sides one can see a profile of a young girl turning into the image of an old woman. The summer makes much pleasure to holiday-makers. But quiet wistful autumn is fine as well. Gold birch groves and vermilion aspen trees change for evergreen pine woods and spruce groves. The scent of senescent grass mixes with mushroom spice. About one hundred mushroom species grow in Borovoye. Mushrooming is very exciting and useful for good mood. Borovoye is beautiful in any season. In winter the whole pine woods put on white coats. Snow powders thick fir-trees and snow banks freeze hard like in a fairy tale. But life goes on. Skiing, snowmobile driving, sleighing, winter fishing and glorious views are at tourists’ disposal. Spring forests are elegant and gentle, full of grass spice and flower fragrance. The sprouts on dark fir-trees gradually turn into fragile cones and waves are carried to the forest with every gust of wind. The level of Borovoye coast is 250 meters. The highest mountain Kokshe (Sinyuha) is situated at the height of 997 meters above the sea level. People call this mountain the “Mother” of “Three sisters” - the three neighboring rocks. Here is another remarkable cliff - Okzhetpes, famous for its numerous legends. The glade of Abylay-khan is a wonderful place. It's quiet here, and the temperature of the place is a few degrees higher than in the neighborhood. Tourists' favorite walk path is Ybray's path, which winds at the foot of the Kokshe Mountain along the western coast of Bolshoye Chebachye Lake. Bolshoye Chebachye Lake is known for its unequalled beauty. The lake is deep (30 meters) and transparent. It breeds different fishes and shellfish. These two lakes are connected by Gromotuha, a small stream, which runs into Bolshoye Chebachye. The loveliest one is Imanaevskiy spring starting high in the mountains. On both sides of the waterway there are huge birches and aspens swinging in the wind. The waterfalls are exciting; they admire and wonder the tourists. The woodland of Borovoye is full of life: the number of wild animal species is over 300, the vegetable kingdom represents great plant diversity. Pine woods are saturated with healthful coniferous odor.

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