List of documents required for obtaining visa.

* Valid passport (validity must be not less than 3 - months after the expiration of the alleged visa). It must be signed and have at least two empty reversal
* Copies of all internal pages of your passport (copy must be high quality, fuzzy or fax copies are not accepted by the Embassies)
* 2 photos (colored, opaque, white background, made recently, no corners, size - 3,5 × 4,5 cm, including children from 0 years, entered in the passport). Children who are included in parent's passport, must have a photo in the passport. Upon reaching 14 years of age children must have their own passport. The image of the applicant must comply with its modern appearance. Invalid image: black glasses, headgear, etc. with a colored background with the image of the background objects, people, landscapes.
* Completed application form for visa
* Originals and copies of air tickets: At the time of filing of documents to the consulate for visa MUST require the original ticket;
* Certificate of employment (on the letterhead of the organization: phone and address), indicating the position, salary and date of admission to the post, address and telephone companies
* You must provide a certificate of purchase of foreign currency (at least $ 100 / 1 day) or any documents to prove your solvency (Travel checks, bank statements or bank account information to work on personal income tax form 2 .)
* For non-working (students, housewives, etc.) must provide a letter of financial support and a certificate of employment from a working family, and provide proof of kinship.
* For children (age less than 18 years) must provide a birth certificate in original (notarized copy), certificate from the school. If a child under the age of 18, leaves with one of the parents (or other relatives or accompanying persons) should also provide a notarized authorization from the remaining parent (s) to take the child abroad.

Note: a package of documents varies depending on the destination country.

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