Travel around Kazakhstan

Wondering how to travel around Kazakhstan, from one city to another or within a city? Main transport types, some tips and useful links are given below.

On a plane
Every regional centre of Kazakhstan and big towns have airports, where republican as well as regional air companies operate.
Flight tickets can be bought from this website (please use links below this article) and via travel agencies in Kazakhstan. Please note that small regional air companies sell their tickets mostly through travel agencies only.

On a train
Train is a popular transport among Kazakhstan people, mainly because of relatively cheap ticket prices. Also, train communication is more developed and unlike using a plane, even small towns can be reached using trains rather than planes.
However, since Kazakhstan has a vast territory, a trip from one region to another might take up to 10-20 hours, which is a little inconvenience of using trains in a travel around Kazakhstan.

On a bus
Bus is also a popular transport to travel around Kazakhstan, using which one can reach any point of the country. Information on bus routs and prices can be obtained at local bus stations.

On a car
Travel on a car is probably the most flexible and convenient transport to explore Kazakhstan. Special intercity and interregional taxi can be ordered or travellers might choose to use their own vehicles. Automobile road map shows the directions and roads to take in order to reach your destination.
Car rental service is also available through this website, please use a link provided here and fill in the form to book your car.

Public transport in cities

Main types of public transports in Kazakhstan are buses and minibuses. Trams and trolleybuses function in some cities. Tickets are usually bought from a conductor (ticket seller and checker) in a bus. Almaty city has an underground (subway) as well.

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