Zhasybai Lake Zhasybai Lake

Zhasybai Lake, surrounded by mountains on all sides, is the second largest lake in the Bayanaulsky mountains, but reigns predominate in its popularity. The lake is named after Zhasybai Batyr, a warrior and hero of the Kazakh-Dzhungaria war. You can get to the lake using the Zhasybai passage.

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Monument of nature Goose flight Monument of nature Goose flight

Opening Paleontologi of a site "Goose flight" with such rich fauna animal neogen of the period (25 - 2 mln. years) has resulted in Pavlodar Priirtyshye poleozoologist from all former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, all found out poleomaterial was taken away by the scientists, since in first in Pavlodar in that time yet was not edge conducting of a museum, in second there was no scientific organization, which could ensure study and safety paleontologi of the rests.

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Soviet Monuments Alley in Aksu Soviet Monuments Alley in Aksu

This place, by no means peculiar for modern Kazakhstan, brings us back, decades into the past.

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