The Memorial and the museum in Akmol village The Memorial and the museum in Akmol village

ALGIR, or the Akmolinskiy camp for wives of the men who opposed the government is located in the Akmolinsk region, 40 kilometers from modern Astana, in the territory of Malonovka village, now known as Akmol

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Visit centre of Korgalzhynsky Park Visit centre of Korgalzhynsky Park

The Tengiz-Korgalzhynsky system of lakes, being under protection of the state as Korgalzhynsky natural park, and appearing in UNESCO World Heritage List, draws great interest from ornithologists, bird watchers and those who simply love being among wildlife and nature.

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Erejmentau Mountains Erejmentau Mountains

The Erejmentau Mountains region located in 50 kilometers to the east of Astana, is another blind-spot on the tourist map of Kazakhstan. But numerous cemeteries of the Stone and Bronze Ages, Scythian monuments, Turkic stony statues, all point to the fact that civilizations have passed through these lands since ancient times.

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The Resort of Borovoe The Resort of Borovoe

Borovoye (Burabai in Kazakh language) is the name of the district occupying the northeast part of the Kokshetausky hill. It consists of a large number of lakes of all sizes, as well as the lower, densely wooded mountains. The large solid mass file of granite resulted in formation of original local microclimate with higher rainfall, lower temperature in summer time and best protection from winds.

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Tengiz the Lesser Lake Tengiz the Lesser Lake

The whole territory of Korgalzhynsky park is an excellent place for ornithologists and bird watchers. However Tengiz, the Lesser Lake, is particularly remarkable for its coast which is the most convenient place to watch some of the more exotic birds such as Pink Flamingo which nests here from May till October.

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An island on Imantau Lake An island on Imantau Lake

The Imantausky resort zone represents a natural oasis near to Kokshetau: it is mountain-large forest, the cleanest reservoirs and, of course, lake Imantau which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in region. Imantau is a nature sanctuary of republican value. From height of the bird's flight the island has aform of heart. Its area makes 36 hectares.

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Природный оазис Сандыктау Природный оазис Сандыктау

Гранитные сопки Сандыктау не могут похвастаться большими высотами: главная их вершина – гора Сандыктау имеет высоту 626 метров над уровнем моря. Однако, живописность местных речек, самой крупной из которых является приток Ишима под названием Жабай, парочка озер, многочисленные родники, сосновые леса, коими изобилует местность, а также хорошие шансы для сбора ягод и грибов, делают Сандыктау одним из самых приятных мест для отдыха во всем Северном Казахстане.

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