Soviet Monuments Alley in Aksu Soviet Monuments Alley in Aksu

This place, by no means peculiar for modern Kazakhstan, brings us back, decades into the past.

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The Sauran Fortress Ruins The Sauran Fortress Ruins

For many years now the Sauran is a place where adventurers and fans of antiquity flock to.

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Kyzyl Kum Sands Kyzyl Kum Sands

Kyzyl Kum Sands area is about 300 thousand square kilometers, settling down in the territory of two countries: Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

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Tugay woods in lower reaches of Syrdarya Tugay woods in lower reaches of Syrdarya

Tugay woods are the original long-drawn oases stretching along valleys with rivers. They never dry and occupy rather small areas – barely ten meters from the water's edge on both coasts.

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Holiday Village Abakshino Holiday Village Abakshino

On the shore of Ishim, 45 km north of Petropavlovsk, located recreation Abakshino. Rest is possible here in summer and winter

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Природный оазис Сандыктау Природный оазис Сандыктау

Гранитные сопки Сандыктау не могут похвастаться большими высотами: главная их вершина – гора Сандыктау имеет высоту 626 метров над уровнем моря. Однако, живописность местных речек, самой крупной из которых является приток Ишима под названием Жабай, парочка озер, многочисленные родники, сосновые леса, коими изобилует местность, а также хорошие шансы для сбора ягод и грибов, делают Сандыктау одним из самых приятных мест для отдыха во всем Северном Казахстане.

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The city of Kostanai The city of Kostanai

Kostanai had been settled in 1879 on the left bank of the Tobol River. Russian and Ukrainian peasant immigrants became the city's founders.

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Alasha-Khan Mausoleum Alasha-Khan Mausoleum

Alasha-Khan is a character, perhaps more legendary than historical. No one knows exactly if this person ever existed. His name means “variegated or colorful” and he is considered to be an ancestor of the Kazakh people. Alasha-Khan is mentioned not only in Kazakh legends, but also in other Turkic people’s legends and traditions.

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Dzhuchi Khan Mausoleum Dzhuchi Khan Mausoleum

Dzhuchi Khan (Zhoshi), the elder son of Chingiz-Khan and ancestor of most Kazakh Khans, especially loved the Sary-Arka steppes, so he stationed his Headquarters very close to the Ulytau mountains. Khan’s Headquarters were a big administrative and cultural center of Sary-Arka for a long time.

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