Tengiz the Lesser Lake Tengiz the Lesser Lake

The whole territory of Korgalzhynsky park is an excellent place for ornithologists and bird watchers. However Tengiz, the Lesser Lake, is particularly remarkable for its coast which is the most convenient place to watch some of the more exotic birds such as Pink Flamingo which nests here from May till October.

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Abat Baitak's Mausoleum Abat Baitak's Mausoleum

Unique Abat-Baitak sculptural monument that can hardly be found in Western Kazakhstan is located twelve kilometers away eastwards of Beskopa aul, Kobda region, Aktobe oblast.

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Monument of nature Goose flight Monument of nature Goose flight

Opening Paleontologi of a site "Goose flight" with such rich fauna animal neogen of the period (25 - 2 mln. years) has resulted in Pavlodar Priirtyshye poleozoologist from all former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, all found out poleomaterial was taken away by the scientists, since in first in Pavlodar in that time yet was not edge conducting of a museum, in second there was no scientific organization, which could ensure study and safety paleontologi of the rests.

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An island on Imantau Lake An island on Imantau Lake

The Imantausky resort zone represents a natural oasis near to Kokshetau: it is mountain-large forest, the cleanest reservoirs and, of course, lake Imantau which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in region. Imantau is a nature sanctuary of republican value. From height of the bird's flight the island has aform of heart. Its area makes 36 hectares.

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The Irgiz-Torgaj Reserve The Irgiz-Torgaj Reserve

Occupying an area of 763 thousand hectares, the Irgiz-Torgaj Reserve was formed in 2007 within the larger Turgay reserve.

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Zhamanshin - a meteorite crater Zhamanshin - a meteorite crater

Right in this area the hugest meteorite had fallen about a million years ago. The power of the explosion was equivalent to a simultaneous detonation of several nuclear bombs.

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The city of Aktobe and its attractions The city of Aktobe and its attractions

The city had been formed in 1869 as one of numerous fortresses intended to protect the peace of the Russian Empire in the southeast.

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The Plateau of Aktolagaj The Plateau of Aktolagaj

The cretaceous plateau which is situated on the border of the Atyrau and Aktyubinsk regions, appears to have been a sea-bottom long ago.

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Piny wood Piny wood

45 kilometers far from the city of Kostanay in the territory of the Arakaragay forest area, there are piny woods rich with mushrooms and berries and alive with fauna.

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The Lisakovsk archaeological site The Lisakovsk archaeological site

The Lisakovsk archaeological site is a location of great importance.It's excavation is responsible for the discovery of the history and secrets of the Indo-Iran tribes of the Bronze Age – so-called androns, who lived there in the second millennium A.C.

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