Babadzha Khatun Mausoleum- the 11th -12th centuries Babadzha Khatun Mausoleum- the 11th -12th centuries

It is located in Zhambul district near Aisha-bibi mausoleum, is also a unique architectural monument of the 11th -12th centuries. It is famous for its original 16- ribbed umbrella-type dome of dual curvature. In fact, the ribbed umbrella-type dome does not have any direct analogues in modern architecture of Central Asia.

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Markakol Nature Reserve Markakol Nature Reserve

One of the the most amazing pieces of nature is situated in the Eastern Kazakhstan. It is Markakol Nature Reserve. Lake Markakol is callaed a pearl of this region. It is situated in the hollow, surrounded by Kurchum mountain chain in the north and Azutau mountains in the south.

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Lake Yazevoe Lake Yazevoe

The Short feature: Lake Yazovoe is a picturesque lake placed on approach to White whale from south-west. Its size relatively small: 1,0х0,4 km. Dense coniferous wood of the mountain, turning at the top to alpine meadow surrounds the lake. Here a splendid panorama of Beluha mountain is opened, which is reflected in the lake. The Lake is glorified by good fishing, its name speaks about that. This is a single lake in region, where the ide, reaching 3 kg dwells. Sooner in south-west coast of the lake campsite for tourist groups will be built.

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Cemetery Begazy Cemetery Begazy

Tomb Begazy, materials excavation is allowed to give the title Begazy-Dandybay culture of the Bronze Age of Central Kazakhstan. Excavations were conducted at the cemetery from 1947 to 1949. with the participation of archaeologists AH Margulan / expedition leader / KA Akisheva, GI Patsevicha, AG Maksimova, TN Senigovoy.

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The Big Almaty Lake The Big Almaty Lake

The east branch of the Big Almaty canyon, spreading to the south from Almaty, leads the traveller to the Big Almaty lake. It is surrounded by mountains covered with the coniferous woods of Zailijsky Alatau, and sits at a height of about two and a half thousand meters above sea level. This lake was formed about 10 thousand years ago after rock fall of tectonic nature.

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Museum of Nature Museum of Nature

The Museum of Nature contains all the inhabitants of flora and fauna Karkaralinsk reserve. Will the layout Karkaralinsk area with the height. Also contains pictures of various natural monuments and pictures of the seasons in the reserve. Tour of the museum are performed by qualified rangers and iskustvovedy.

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Baikonur City Baikonur City

Leninsk City, the capital of the cosmodrome, in 1995 renamed Baikonur. Today the population of Baikonur is 70 thousand people. Baikonur is situated in the heart of the vast Kazakh steppes. Baikonur (Baikonyr) - the name of geographical point on the map of Kazakhstan, where on the spurs of the mountains of Ulytau is located village Baikonur, which gave its name to the world famous cosmodrome.

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The mountain chain Bectauata The mountain chain Bectauata

The mountain chain Bectauata – beautiful place of Northern Balkhash. The top of the peak Bektauata soars up to 1000 meters.

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Karaganda Ecological Museum (EcoMuseum) Karaganda Ecological Museum (EcoMuseum)

Karlag was one of the thousand prison camps called GULAG (or Main Department of Prison Camps). Organized during the time of mass political repressions in the Soviet Union in 1930's, The Administrative center of Karlag was located in the Dolinka Village (50 kms to the south-west of today’s Karaganda city).

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Spassky Memorial Spassky Memorial

After the Second World War Stalin’s Prison Camps were completely filled with foreign war captives (Japanese, Romanian, German, Hungarian, Moldavian, Lithuanian and many others). Captives of war were, mainly, kept in Spassky Prison Camp in Peschany (45 kms to the south of Karaganda city) and it became Karlag’s “Brotherly (Common) Grave”.

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