Tour to the Big Almaty Lake


The Big Almaty Lake is 15 km away from the Almaty city center, in the mountains of Zailiyskiy Alatau at the height of 2500 meters above the sea level.

The tour can be started from any hotel in Almaty. Our car with a guide arrives to the previously agreed, convenient place and time.


Start time and place: by agreement with the customer

Price of the tour: 48000 KZT per trip


The road to the lake passes through Al-Farabi Avenue, presenting the various architectural styles. You can also see the following sights during your way to the lake:

Recently constructed modern Residential Complex attracts with the fresh mountain air and wonderful scenery.

During the tour you will see a unique high-mountain springboard, where various international competitions are held.

Park of the First President is a favourite vacation spot of the citizens. Various exhibitions and festivals are held in the park. As the park has very special and unique landscape, quite often you can find here photoshoots, made both by the professional, and amateur photographers.

The road to the Big Almaty lake passes through Alma-Arasan gorge. There are numerous points of public catering, such as restaurants in the gorge. The restaurants differ from each other by their architectural style, and also they offer various ethnic cuisines. You can even find halls of celebrations and wedding restaurants, restaurants in local or european style...

The gorge is well-known for its springs, the water in which is believed to be healing. A lot of people come here deliberately to gather fresh mountain water.

As approaching to Big Almaty Lake, you will be able to see the restaurants no more, however there are established yurts for hungry travelers, where they can try national and European dishes

Our tour is continued at the bottom of the picturesque gorge. But many tourists prefer pedestrian rise to the lake, "along the pipeline"

Then there is Big Almaty Lake in front of us.

Nowadays a level of the water in the lake is lower than usually for the mudflow reasons, however, it can be fluctuated on height to 20 meters

The lake is surrounded by picturesque mountains. You can really relax here from the hustle and bustle of the city. And this is especially relevant in Almaty case: nearby to the lake, there is the freshest and clearest mountain air without signs of pollution and the landscapes created by the nature without signs of human intervention.

Having filled our lungs with fresh air and our cameras or phones' memory card with the most beautiful photos - we come back to the city and take our guests to their hotels

Have a good tour!