Sports and Entertainment in Almaty


Duration of the tour: 1.5 ― 2 hours

Price: 10000 KZT per hour

Languages: Russian, English

Transportation: super modern and comfortable metro


During the guided walking tour you will see the main attractions and places, connected with sport and entertainment.


You will see the following sights of Almaty and get full information about them:

The Dostyk Hotel ― the starting point of the walking tour. The hotel was built on the money of communist party, in the end of the developed socialism era, and was reconstructed into modern five-star luxury hotel.

Abay metro station ― the deepest station in Almaty. The depth is 78 m, and the length of the escalators is 92 m.

A trip on modern and comfortable Almaty metro.

Baikonur metro station. The depth of the station is 20 m. The design of the station is done in a high-tech style and is closely related to the Baikonur cosmodrome. Baikonur is a star city and military training ground, the place where the communication between people with the misterious and unknown outer space has started.

The Palace of Sport named after Baluan Sholak. It is named after the great kazakh fighter and poet of XIX century.

“Promenade” shopping and entertainment center

Central Stadium

Wedding Palace

Kazakh Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov

Kazakh State Circus, Almaty twin towers , “Aya” amusement park

“Metro” entertaining center

Museum of Arts named after A.Kasteyev