Cycling tours in the mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau


* The length of the active part of the route: about 620 km.
* Duration: 14 days (13 nights).
* Season: June - September.
* Accommodation: guest house in Almaty, the tent city - along the route; rest house "Aurora" (oz.Issyk-Kul), Holiday House Sinegorye (Turgen Gorge).
* Meals: Lunch and marching - packets along the route; Eastern and European cuisine in guest houses and holiday home.
* Transportation: mini-bus, bicycles, automobiles ("Field", "ZIL-131", "Gas-66").

Tour description

* 1 day. Moving Sinegorye - Lake Zhasylkol (12 km). Vstrecha at the airport. Register. Transfer Almaty - House odyha Sinegorye. Accommodation in a holiday home. Breakfast. Familiarity with the surroundings. Lunch. Transfer: na Sinegorye - Lake Zhasylkol - na Sinegorye (12 km). Dinner. Overnight in rest house.

* Day 2. Moving Sinegorye - Buzgol "-" Bataan "(36 km).
Breakfast. Moving in a rest home Sinegorye - Waterfall Buzgol "-" Bataan. " Lunch at a waterfall. Dinner. Rest. Overnight in tents.

* Day 3. Moving in "Bataan" - a plateau of Asa (2600 u.m above) (45 miles)
Breakfast. Ascent to the mountain plateau of Asa. Stop at the river Asa. Lunch - box. Moving along the river to the memorial of Asa, Asa. Dinner. Rest. Overnight in tents.

* Day 4. Moving Asa - Zhinishke river (65 km).
Breakfast. Moving through the mountains Alabaytal Batyrma Pass (2360 m). Descent to the river Sarybulak (1500 m). Lunch - box. Passage through the mountains Bacale (2010 m). Descent to the river Zhinishke. Dinner. Rest. Overnight in tents.

* 5 day. Crossing the river Zhinishke - Lake Kolsais (55 km).
Breakfast. Moving through the tract Ashikdala (2500 m). Lunch box. Crossing the ridge Akshalyk (2367 m). Descent to the river Chilik. Crossing the river Chilik. Then along the river to the first lake Kolsais Kolsais. Dinner. Rest. Overnight in tents.

* Day 6. Rest on the first Kolsai lake.
Breakfast. Horse ride around the lake. Fishing. Overnight in tents.

* Day 7. Moving Kolsais 1 - Pass Sarybulak - Sarybulak river (40 km).
Breakfast. Moving along the river passes through three Kolsais beautiful mountain lake to the pass Kolsais Sarybulak (3,274 m). Descent to the river Sarybulak (Kyrgyzstan). Dinner. Overnight in tents.
* 8 day. Crossing the river Sarybulak - settlement Ananyevo - Kokbel Pass (2,375 m) (100 km).
Breakfast. Crossing the river Sarybulak - Ananyevo village 50 km will be on the car. Veloproezd village Ananyevo - Uchkuygen Pass (2198 m). Lunch - box. Moving pass Uchkuygen - Kokbel Pass (2375 m). Moving to the tract of the Aksu River. Descent to the river. Dinner. Rest. Overnight in tents.

* Day 9. Crossing the river Chon-Aksu - Holiday House Aurora (40 miles).
Breakfast. Moving from the river Chon-Aksu passes through the ridge Karagaybulak, Kushbel Pass (3707 m). Lunch-box. The descent to Lake Issyk-Kul Lake, the recreation of Aurora. " Accommodation in standard rooms. Dinner. Rest. Overnight.

* Day 10. Rest on the Issyk-Kul.

* Day 11. Moving e / o Aurora - Village Chon-Sary-Oi - Kok-Ayryk (3,889 m) - Chon-Kemin river (75 km).
Breakfast. Moving e / o Aurora - Village Chon-Sary-Oi will be the car of 35 km. Moving village Jong-Sary-Oi - Kok-Ayryk (3889 m) runs along the river floodplain Orta-Koi-Suu, with the rise to a height of 3889 meters. Meeting with the glaciers. Lunch-box. Moving Kok-Ayryk - the river Chon-Kemin. Descent to the river Chon-Kemin. Dinner. Rest. Overnight in tents. The move follows the picturesque and breathtaking mountains Kungei - Alatoo.

* Day 12. Crossing the river Chon-Kemin - River Col-Almaty - BAO (40 km).
Breakfast. The route goes along the river Chon-Kemin with the rise in Lake Pass (3503 m). The descent from the pass to Lake Big Almaty Lake (2511 m). Dinner. Rest. Overnight at guesthouse.

* Day 13. Moving BAO - Sports Complex Medeo (30 km).
Breakfast. Descent from the Big Almaty Lake on the Big Almaty gorge to the river Kazachka. Moving along the river Kazachka on mountain range to the rink Medeo. Lunch-box. Return to the guest house by car. Spare time. Dinner. Overnight at guesthouse.

* Day 14. Cultural Program in Almaty.
Breakfast. City tour. Visit the souvenir shops. Sauna. Farewell dinner. Rest. Return home.

* The price includes: visa support, accommodation during the tour, meals during the tour, transportation services during the tour, chauffeur and cook, health insurance, guide and interpreter.