The off-road tour in Almaty region


The route passes through the Almaty region, we will visit three canyons. These are Bestomak, Temirliksky and white canyons. Customers, if they want, may steer a jeep after traveling the Gorge Kokpek. With asphalt descend immediately after the village of Aksai, another 11 miles across the steppe and we are at the entrance to the canyon Bestomak. It is very beautiful and long canyon; photographers will be ыегттув by pristine landscapes. The road into the river Chilik, here an ideal place for lunch. Later in the afternoon we will move to Temirliksky Canyon, in the river of which easy catchable fish inhabit; grow lots of trees on the banks - a perfect place for an overnight stay. Moving across the steppe provides an excellent opportunity for real ride. On the second day we will visit white canyon built from an entirely different breed of rock than the previous two.

Length of stay: 2 days.
Price per person: 30000 tenge.
Sezon: All year.

* The tour starts at the Central Stadium in the 7-00 am.
* Length of the route - 550 km.
* One SUV for 2-3 clients.
* Recommended for fans of extreme sports and photo session

Day 1.
07.00 - collecting and exit from the main stadium
07.00 -11.00 in a journey and reaches the first canyon
11.00 -13.00 review and tour of the Free Tomac
13.30 -14.00 Lunch on the river Charyn
14.00 -14.30 Moving to Canyon Temerlik.
14.30 -15.00 Campsite.
15.30 -18.00 Trips to pescheram.Rybalka.
19.00 -21.00 Dinner. Spare time. Fire.

Day 2.
08.00 - 09.00 Hot breakfast, assembly palatlk, loading personal belongings.
09.00 -10.00 Continued route to the White Canyon (45 km)
10.30 -12.30 Tours canyon.
13.00 -15.00 Lunch, loading, departure for Almaty
20.00 Arrival in Almaty.

Included in the price: Jeep, Toyota, Nissan or Mitsubishi, instructor services, catering, accommodation in tents and environmental charges.