Hunting on Chukar (keklik)


Chukar is a bird typical for mountainous areas. The bird is called a stone partridge sometimes. It inhabits the mountains of the east, a south-east and the south of Kazakhstan . The bird weighs 300-700 g. Chukars dwell on a cross-country lands such as bushy slopes, cliffs and sandy hillsides.

Chukar is a nonmigratory bird that takes short distance seasonal flying. It settles in the grassy foothills. Chukar wakes up at daylight and keep on feeding till 11-12 o`clock. In the midday they go to water place and get a rest later. Evening feeding begins at 17-18 o`clock and lasts for 1,5-2 hours, then again they approach a watering place and proceed to overnight area. They hide in gullies or rocks cracks. It flies once in a while preferring ground walks. They coup up in groups of 5-40 birds while feeding, near a watering place or moves as well as for the overnight period. Chukar is a well known game bird in the south and a southeast of Kazakhstan . Hunting for chukar is carried out near a watering place, taking an approach or with a dog. As any mountain hunting, hunting for chukar requires a good physical shape. Make sure the rock taluses do not collapse when shooting. Such a hunting tour would require a field-glass, light camouflage suit of a mountain coloring, reliable and used footwear with a soft outsole.

The warm clothes are necessary for evening hours. It is necessary to take into account that the upstarted mountain game tends to fly downwards. Chukars scatter with a stridor in different directions. Approach hunting may be useful if the group has been located earlier during feeding, watering or rest. Hence an early morning and evening hide shelter is really an effective approach. The shelter should be thoroughly concealed. When wounded chukars are not really hale and hearty but hard to find in the stony slopes. You shall need a gun with average shot group.

Chukar is hunted in Almaty outskirts amidst the foothills of Dzungarian and Zailiysky AlaTau ranges. The area is 150-300 kilometers away from Almaty city, delivery shall take 2-5 hours. You shall be served soft drinks and local dishes on the way. Accommodation in yurtas and tent camps. The camp is equipped with shower and WC. Transportation in the area of hunting is possible only using 4x4 "Toyota Land Cruiser Prado" and "Mitsubishi Delica" vehicles and horses. The company shall provide you and your guides with brief phrase books for your convenience. Preferable number of hunters 3-6 persons.

Duration of the hunting tour - 7 days, with 5 days of hunting. Authorized period of hunting: September 15 th November 30 th. Recommended for Almaty region: October 1 st - November 15 th. Temperature drops during this period between +20C down to -5C.