Sanatorium Moyaldy


Mud and Brine Lake render highly effective medical action by:
• Disease musculoskeletal system (arthritis, osteochondrosis);
• Disease peripheral nervous system (sciatica, neuritis);
• Gynecological disease inflammatory of character;
• Prostatitis, urethritis, male infertility;
• Endocrinological disease (diabetis mellitus);
• Accompanying disease;
• Gastrointestinal disease;
• Skin illnesses.
Mud is releases as:
• General wrap on all surface of a body;
• Mud pack;
• Galvanic mud.
Brine is released as:
• On the bath;
• Inhalations;
• Compresses.
Mineral water is identical to water of a resort « Feodosiya » of a Southern coast of Crimea, is used for internal and outside application as:
• On the bath (general, pearl);
• Soul (ascending, circular);
• Inhalations;
• Irrigation.
And in the sanatoriums function physiotherapy and also the paid services are given. Are available a restaurant, bar, cinema hall, library and game rooms. Term of theatment in sanatoriums: from 10 about 20 days. The applications for treatment in sanatoriums « Moyaldy » move not later than 15-20 days prior to the beginning come. A rout: by train up to railway station of Pavlodar, further – trip bus from road service station up to with village Moyaldy. Time of a way – 30 minutes.