Hunting for brown bear


The Brown bear - a large animal of massive addition. For the winter lies in hibernation. Clumsy externally, the bear is very mobile for the - 200 - 300 kg. The bear the opponent very serious possesses huge force and insults forgive nobody. The impudence and insidiousness of his hunting tactics impresses. To outwit a bear, on the bear hunting it is necessary to think not usually, not «as it is convenient ", and especially - «on bear ". Hunting for a bear employment strict, at times dangerous, but because not losing the attractiveness.

The brown bear, an animal large to get in him it is possible, but he has some "pure" lethal places. The bear is very strong on a wound, even wounded to death is capable to leave of 200-300 meters, and to find it very difficultly as the animal does not leave the bloody trace because of fast corking an aperture a clot of blood and a layer of fat. You should show a maximum of attention, an ingenuity, composure, and sniper talent to extract this trophy. The choice of the reliable weapon is very important. The gun or a carbine should be well ready. Ammunition only the first-rate quality. At all times in the environment of hunters hunters-bear-hunters used respect. It is the hunting elite, the standard of the hunting skill. The hunting tour on a brown bear is spent in East Kazakhstan where this predator is widely distributed in mountain areas of Altai, Torbagatay, and Saura. In Kazakhstan is valuable object of hunting and a prestigious trophy in any hunting collection.

After your arrival to Almaty, accompanied by the employee of firm «TROPHY HUNT kazakhstan tour", you a flight of internal airlines, take off for Ust - Kamenogorsk, an administrative centre of East Kazakhstan. After a meeting at the airport - crossing on automobiles in hunting areas, time in a way of 7-9 hours distance of 500-700 km. Residing for the period of hunting - in the hunting house or in urtas. Movement on hunting areas on off-road cars of the stamp "Mitsubishi Delica", "UAZ", on horses and at detection of a bear - on foot.

Hunting is spent by a method «from the approach ". The hunter-guide in the field-glass looks out and finds out a bear. If his quality as a trophy, arranges the client the hunter – guide slowly, is brought with an arrow on a distance of a shot of 50-100 meters. The average size of a trophy - 170-180 sm. In base camp skilled experts will process your trophy and will prepare for transportation. At your service as professional translators, cooks, ancillary workers. And your hunter-guide the firm «TROPHY HUNT kazakhstan tour" will provide you the brief dictionary a phrase book of necessary words and phrases for convenience of dialogue and mutual understanding on hunting.

Duration of the hunting tour - 12 days, from them 10 days hunting. Optimum structure of group - 1-2 hunters.

The resolved period of hunting for a bear in East Kazakhstan - from September, 1 till November, 30. During the hunting tour you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with traditions and customs of Kazakh people, to regale on dishes of national kitchen, to admire beauty of the wild nature of East Kazakhstan.

Cost of a package of the hunting tour on a bear - 6500 €
(including extraction of one trophy and airticket Almaty-Ust-Kamenogorsk-Almaty)

1. For the accompanying persons who are not participating in hunting - 2500 €
2. Additional trophies: roe deer - 800 €, the wolf - 400 €.

Come to us and - a successful shot!