Astana -the heart of country


Duration: 3 days.

Season: June, October-November.

Cost per person: 18000 tenge.

Description and tour program

Monument Astana - Baiterek where everything is symbolically: the golden sun in the crown, height  of 97 meters, and internal architecture divided into three zones that embodies three pillars of the universe, is known far outside Kazakhstan. This "poplar" (in Kazakh, Baiterek) made of metal, glass and concrete is unique in architectural thought and grandiose in execution: metal construction height of 97 meters and weighing over 1000 tons is on the five hundred piles. The world's first ball with a diameter of 22 meters and weighing 300 tonnes of glass "chameleon" that changes color depending on the sunlight, "took" a record high. Towering over the young capital, it serves as an architectural symbol of renewal, a symbol of Astana, the symbol of Kazakhstan.

Ethnic memorial complex Map of Kazakhstan - Atameken. The whole recognizable Kazakhstan, whatever its nature and gifted people, is presented here. On the map there are 14 provinces and 2 cities of national importance: Astana and Almaty. It shows all the different climatic zones and landscapes, architecture and urban ensembles.

Center Duman, where you can relax with family. A drop of the Southern Seas, carried away by more than three thousand miles - the aquarium - a unique, first and only ride in Kazakhstan, the heart of the entertainment center "Duman". It represents a holistic structure consisting of several thematic zones: SeaWorld, 3D Cinema, cafes and shopping halls, a central area designed for walking and recreation, amusement "Jungle", bowling, casino, multi-purpose hall and hotel complex.

Central Mosque Nur-Astana. Grace East elaborately woven into the elegance of glass, concrete, steel, granite and alucobond. Sustained and the extent of the left bank: the almost four thousand squares mosque could pray heels of thousands of believers, and another two thousand parishioners - the square in front of her. Four minarets, each 62 meters high, focus on the eternal, and domes covered with gold aluminum, allow downtown dushe.Vse not forget about this and much more you can see by visiting the beautiful capital of Kazakhstan on a comfortable bus in the company of qualified guides, ekskursavoda .

Day 1.  Departure from the main stadium at 15:00 on Friday.

Day 2. Saturday.
8-00. Breakfast in Astana. Cafe.
9-30. Tour: Astana-city of the future city in the world.
12-00. Baiterek - a monument to Kazakhstan's independence
14-00. Lunch
15-00. Field Trip: "Bow to innocent victims," plus the museum camp "Algeria."
19-00. Dinner. Accommodation in gostitse.

Day 3. Sunday.
9-00. Breakfast in Astana. Cafe.
10-00. "Secrets of the underwater world - Duman."
15-00. Departure to Almaty

Price includes:

1. Crossing Almaty - Astana - Almaty on the tourist bus.
2. Accommodation at the hotel.
3. Excursions and meals for the program.