Kyzylarai – the highest, the oldest


The Kyzylarai mountain and forest oasis, located in Central Kazakhstan, gives truly exclusive opportunities for a traveler. Where else can you make a journey, figuratively speaking, "3000 years back" and "1500 metres up" just within a few days? Here in the Kyzylarai mountains is found the highest point of Sary Arka, Aksoran peak (1565 metres). These mountains are the only large habitat of the world's largest mountain sheep, the regal Argali. Of particular scientific interest is the Southern Pine Forrest, which grows among the granite rocks. It is the southernmost pine habitat in the Central Kazakhstan ecosystem, bordering upon the desert areas. The region is also rich in history: monumental granite sepulchers of Begazy, rock paintings which date back to the Bronze age, ancient stone statues of the Turkic period, and mausoleums from the time of the Kazakh-Jungar wars. The local population has passed from generation to generation the craftsman's skills of producing articles out of felt, and numerous national fermented milk products like koumiss, shubat, kurt, etc. This unique combination of pristine nature, ancient historical monuments, and a well-preserved traditional way of life makes the Kyzylarai a great place to visit. Join us for a unique and fascinating experience. From 64 376 tenge per person (if 6 people take part in the tour)

Price - from 40 053 tenge (if 6 people take part in the tour)