Fishing in mountain rivers Turgen Assy, Ili


* Season: June-September.
* Accommodation: guest houses, tents or yurts.
* Power: Eastern and European cuisine.
* Transport: minibus, motor boats.

Tour description

* Day 1. Arrival in Almaty. Meeting at the airport hotel accommodation. Register. City tour.
* Day 2. Moving to Turgen Gorge (68 km). Excursion to the waterfall "The Bear". Visit trout farm. Acclimatization. Overnight at the camp site "Sinegorye" 1300 meters above sea level.
* Day 3. Moving to the river Assa (2500 meters above sea level) - 50 km. A breakdown of the campground. Fishing for trout and Osman. Overnight in tents.
* Day 4. Fishing for trout and Osman. Overnight in tents.
* Day 5. Moving to Bartogayskomu reservoir (70 km). Overnight in tents.
* Day 6. Bartogayskomu tour of the reservoir. Fishing on the river Chilik. Transfer to Almaty (240 km). Overnight at hotel.
* Day 7. Moving from Almaty to the base camp on the shores of Lake Balkhash (near the village of Karaozek) - 400 km.
* 8-12 days. Fishing for catfish, carp, chub, grass carp in the delta of the Ili River and Lake Balkhash.
* Day 13. Return to Almaty from the camp. Accommodation at the hotel.
* Day 14. Excursion to skating rink Medeo. Visit ski area Chimbulak. The rise of the cable car to Talgar Pass (3000 meters above sea level). Dinner in the national Kazakh restaurant Zheruyik. Transfer to the airport.