The off-road tour


Points of interest:

Besshatyr memorial: This is an archaeological site of the ancient people of Seven Rivers "Saks". The cemetery stretches from north to south by 2 km, from east to west - at 1 km and consists of 31 of the mound. Eternal companions and guards the burial ground are stone sculptures "menhirs. This is one of the well-studied archaeological finds of Kazakhstan.
Singing Dunes: A unique natural formation. Sand ridge about 80 m high and more than 3000 meters in length, has an unusual property: in the summer when the wind disturbs the sand, or people, the mountain begins to sound a powerful continuous buzz, like the hum of the aircraft.
Big Almaty Lake: Overcoming the road, 25 km from the city of Almaty, you will find yourself at an altitude of 2,497 meters above sea level near the stunning beauty of its mountain lake whose depth reaches 43 meters.
Altyn-Emel Park: This place keeps silent testimony of the great events in the life of nomadic tribes. In the park discovered numerous archaeological monuments: the rock paintings of Stone Age settlements of the Bronze Age, ancient mine workings and landfills. In the park there are animals that are included in the International Red Book: gazelle, wild ass, Central Asian otter, cat, Pallas' cat, stone marten. And of the 250 species of birds found in the park, 22 species are endangered and rare species.
Tamgaly: Petrogliphs XIV - XII centuries. BC

# 1 day. Meeting at the Airport. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Breakfast. Almaty - Petroglyphs Tamgaly. 200 km. Asphalt, 3 hours. On-site tour. Moving to Kanshengel. 100 km. roads. Steppe Dinner Overnight in tents in the desert ..
# 2 day. Collection of tents. Riding in the semi Taukum Breakfast. Riding in the deserts of sand and Tau Moyynkum.200 km. Visit Toparskoy lake system in peremezhku with dunes. Dinner and overnight at the Oral-Tobe. the guest house.
# 3 day. Breakfast. We go to Lake Balkhash. Half of the lake is salty water, and another rldlaina fresh water. 100 km. Asphalt. 50 km. Sands and solanchaki. Lunch in the village of Kara. 100 km of sand. Dinner. Overnight in Yurt or tents. Overnight in tents.
# 4 day. Breakfast Ride in the Desert Bektas. 150-200 km. Dinner overnight in tents near Lake Balkhash.
# 5 day. Breakfast ride on the sand. approximately 50 km. Next, go to the National Park Alyn-Emel. 350 km. Asphalt. Lunch on the road. . (Lunch bags) Dinner and overnight at a guest house.
# 6 day. Breakfast. Riding through the steppe to the singing dunes. 60 km. On the road you can see wild herds of wild asses. Lunch at Mynbulake. We go to the Imperial burial Besshatyr the steppes along the river Ili.50 km. Overnight in a guesthouse Kzylaus.
# 7 day. Breakfast. Riding through the steppe to the singing and poluvustyni to belvm and krasnvm mountains. 130 km. On the way, you can uvident gazelles. Next, go to the city Zharken 50 km and 50 km of the steppe. Asphalt. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
# 8 day. Breakfast Going to Hot Springs. and the mountains Ketmen - Spine Ulken Bogety (1400 m.n.u) - Red Mountain. Lunch on the road. 200 km. Swimming pool with natural hot water. Dinner and overnight in hotel.
# 9 day. Breakfast. We go into the canyon Charyn. 120 km. Asphalt and steppe. Lunch on the river Charyn. We go to the National Natural Park Kolsai lake. (N 2000 m) 120 kms. steppe. Dinner and overnight stay in guest houses.
# 10 day. Breakfast. Visit of the first Kolsai ozera.Pereezd lake Kaindy 50 km. Mountains. Lunch on the lake. Going to Bartogoyskoe reservoir. 60 km. Steppe. 100 km. Asphalt. Product has seen both from man-made toneley under great pressure vyryvayutsya ogrpomnye flow of water to a height of 60 meters. Overnight in tents.
# 11 day. Breakfast. If you wish, rafting on the river Chilik. 13 km. 2 hours. Difficulty level 2. Go to the mountain plateau Assy. (N 1600 m) 120 kms. low mountains. Overnight in tents.
# 12 day. Breakfast. Let's go on a high plateau Assy. 150 km. See Kazakh yurts and herds of sheep and horses. Visit the Waterfalls "Bear" its height of 30 meters. Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Royal Fish.
# 13 day. Breakfast. We're going to Almaty 100 km. On the way visit the Issyk burial mounds. It has been found "The Golden Man" Next we go to the astronomical observatory. 40 km. (H 2900m.) Enjoying Big Almaty Lake. (Alt 2497 m.) Dinner and overnight at the observatory. At night the fashionable look at the stars and planets through a powerful telescope.
# 14 day. Breakfast. Riding in the mountains 50 km. Visit the kennel birds of prey. lunch at a restaurant in the city. City tour. Accommodation at the hotel. In the evening farewell dinner.
# 15 day. At night transfer to the airport. Departure home.
V price includes: Meet at the airport, German govoryashy Guide, Car for two clients, all meals, services of cooks, tents and izomaty, double occupancy in hotels and guest houses, fees to national parks, the escort car.
V Not included: airfare, visa for travel to Kazakhstan., Fuel for cars