Nature Parks of Almaty Tour


Almaty - National Nature Park "Altyn-Emel" - Besshatyr - "Singing Dune" - Red Rocks - Charynskiy Canyon - National Nature Park "Ile-Alatau" - Plateau Assy - "Almatau" - "Chimbulak" - "Tuyuksu" Glacier - Observatory - Almaty


Duration: 10 days (9 nights).
Season: June - September.

Accommodation: Hotel "Premier - Medeo" (Almaty), guest houses, yurts, tents.
Meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner (traditional Kazakh and Russian cuisine)
Transport: bus, horses

Tour description:
Day 1. Meeting at the airport. Visitors' registration. Accommodation in "Kazakhstan" hotel. Breakfast. Rest. Lunch. Driving to Altyn-Emel National Park (150 km). Dinner. Overnight in the guesthouse "Kzylaus".

Day 2. Breakfast. Driving to "Bestshatyr" mounds. Excursion. Lunch in Mynbulak guesthouse. Driving to "Singing Dune". Excursion. Camping. Dinner. Overnight in tents.

Day 3. Breakfast. Break up of the camp. Driving along the river Ili to Red rocks. Lunch during the drive. Excursion on Red rocks. Camping. Dinner. Night in tents.

Day 4. Breakfast. Driving to Charynskiy Canyon (250 kms). Excursion on "Valley of Castles". Lunch on the coast of the river. Rest. Dinner. Night in tents.

Day 5. Breakfast. Driving to Ile-Alatau National Park (180 km). Accommodation in the resthouse "Singorye". Lunch. Excursion to waterfall "Medvezhiy". Excursion to a trout farm. Dinner. Overnight in the resthouse.

Day 6. Breakfast. Driving to a high-mountainous plateau Assy H 2500 m (30 km). Watching daily life of the local Kazakhs in their yurts. Lunch. Excursion to ancient drawings and a high-mountainous observatory. Dinner. Overnight in the traditional Kazakh houses – yurts.

Day 7. Breakfast. Driving to a sport base "Almatau" H 2000 m (100 km). Horseback transition from "Almatau" to sport complex "Medeo" (15 km). Lunch on a glade among the forest. Accommodation in the hotel "Medeo". Free time. Dinner. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 8. Breakfast. Driving: hotel "Medeo" - sport base "Chimbulak" - glacier "Tuyuksu". Lunch. Trekking through "Tuyuksu" glacier to Bolshoe Almaty gorge (H 2700 m). Accommodation in a high-mountainous hotel "Alpine Rose" (H 2300 m). Dinner. Rest. Overnight.

Day 9. Breakfast. Excursion on Big Almaty Lake. Here it is possible to see Ibis bill and Himalayan Snow Cock, Golden Eagle and Blue Whistling Thrush, Siberian Mountain Goat, Siberian Stag and Siberian Roe Deer. Lunch on a way. Dinner in the evening on the territory of observatory. Watching stars on a telescope. Overnight in a guesthouse of the observatory.

Day 10. Breakfast. Driving to a hunting birds nursery. Excursion. Driving to "Kazakhstan" hotel. Lunch. City tour. Souvenirs' shopping. Farewell Diner. Driving to the airport. Flight home.

Cost of the tour includes: VISA support, accommodation in guesthouses and tents, 3 times per day meal, vehicles with drivers, the ecological taxes on the territory of Altyn-Emel National Park, rent of horses, guide, interpreter, cook.