The eco tour of Almaty region


Sightseeings of the tour

* Almaty. The beautiful city of two cultures - the Muslim and Christian. A young city, founded in 1854. Has rich history where the past intertwines with the present.
* Big Almaty gorge. Visit the kennel birds of prey (falcon Balaban, golden eagle, merlin). Imitation of falconry. Horseback riding to the BAL. Excursion to the observatory.
* Tamgaly. Low ancient mountains, consisting of rocks and canyons. Petroglyphs, belonging to different eras, the most ancient relate to the Bronze Age. The ancient temple of the sun, which had existed in Tamgaly at the time. Images of sun-creatures, chariots, and wildlife. Next group dates back to the early nomads. This track animals and people, Saka typical style. And the last group are the graphics related to the Turkic period of time - figures archery, falconry.
* Uzun Agach. "Day in the Kazakh village." You will see the life of the Kazakh people, its customs and traditions, national traditions. Cooking, dinner, horse games and competitions, folklore concert and more. etc.
* Camel farm. Camel riding. You can feel like a medieval merchant, going with a caravan in the sand. Drinketh shubat. Rest in this caravanserai.
* In the Altyn-Emel national natural park. You can visit the famous "Singing Dunes," burial mounds and ancient settlements of the Bronze Age. "Besshatyr" - the largest in the country the royal tombs of the X-XI century BC, the caves and rock paintings. Observe the animals in their natural habitat: Kulani, gazelles, wolves. See living on the freedom of the rare birds of prey, falcons, Balabanov, eagles, vultures, vultures, eagles, zmeyaedov. Many of them are listed as endangered.
* Zharkent. You will see the beautiful mosque of the nineteenth century, built in Asia and the Chinese style. Inspect the city which is the administrative center of the Uighur region. Try dishes Uighur cuisine.
* Temerlyk. Will see a unique Ash grove, whose age is about 1 million years. Inspect the small canyons.
* In the canyon of the river Charyn. You will see a unique creation of nature, is striking in its grandeur - Charyn Canyon, which is considered the younger brother of the Grand Canyon in the United States. Age of the canyon is about 1.5 million years. The most exciting is the "Valley of Castles", where for three miles on either side rise the fantastic sand castles and towers, whose age is 12 million years. They resemble a grotesque lunar landscapes.
* Turgen Gorge. You will see the famous waterfalls, one of which "Buzgul" rises to 55 meters. Here are the legendary Chinturgenskie mossy spruce stands growing on an oasis of permafrost. Moss in these places sometimes grows to 60 see you climb on horseback up to the plateau Assusay where you can see a few burial mounds belonging to different epochs. Those who wish can ride on a raft down the river Turgen' or catch a royal fish - rainbow trout.
* Issyk gorge. You will see the lake Issyk that prior to the disappearance in 1963 in a catastrophic mudflow is rightfully considered the pearl of Trans-Ili Alatau. Today, the lake partially restored. Not far from the lake there are beautiful rocks that bear the name "Kremlin wall." Also during the tour, you'll be able to see Saki mounds near the town of Issyk and get in touch with the ancient history of Kazakhstan. In one of these mounds had been found "The Golden Man," which became a symbol of Kazakhstan.
* Kolsai lakes. Three mountain lakes striking beauty, filled with pure glacial water. Horse riding, fishing, swimming.
* In Zhalanash. Gorge Karabulak Berkutchi.

Tour Programme
Almaty - Tamgaly Tas - Altyn-Emel National Park - Baschi - Zharkent - Temerlyk - Charyn Canyon - Zhalanash - Kolsai lake - Almaty

* Duration: 11 days (10 nights).
* Season: June - September.
* Accommodation: Hotel Premier - Medeo in Almaty, guest houses on the lake Kolsais-1, in the Park "Altyn - Emel, Temerlyke, Baschi, Zhalnashe; tents on the lake Kolsais-2, Kolsais-3, Charyn Canyon.
* Meals: full board, traditional Kazakh and European cuisine.
* Transportation: Bus.


* Day 1. Arrival in Almaty. Accommodation in hotel Premier Medeo. Recreation
* Day 2. City tour.
* Day 3. Transfer Almaty - Tamgaly Tas - Altyn-Emel park. Accommodation at the guest house. Dinner. Rest.
* Day 4. Free program to Altyn-Emel.
* Day 5. Altyn-Emel - Free Shatir - Baschi (250 km). Visit of Shatyrskih Saki mounds (VII-VI century. BC).
* Day 6. Baschi - Zharkent - Temerlyk (230 km).
* Day 7. Moving to Charyn Canyon. (40 km). Camping. Lunch. Spare time.
* 8 day. Moving to Lake Kolsai-1 (130 km). Settling in the cottage. Lunch. Spare time.
* Day 9. Hike from the lake Kolsai-2 (elevation 2,252 meters, 9 km. 4.5 hours, changing the height of 434 meters). Campground. Horse riding on request.
* Day 10. Hike from the lake Kolsai-3 (elevation 2650 meters, 6 km. 3 hours, a change of altitude 400 meters). Campground. Free program.
* Day 11. Return to Almaty (300 km).