Kazakhstani Switzerland


How to get there?
You can get the resort by car, mini-bus, taxi or train. It takes 3-4 hours. Direction – Astana-Kokshetau way. Buses and taxes are at the «Saparzhay-Astana» station (Landside square, phone: 38-12-08, 38-11-35). You can get some information about the schedule of trains to Borovoye direction in an information bureau of railway station. (tel.: 93-21-00, 38-07-07). Upon arrival (Schuchinsk town)you may get the resort by taxi or buses within 30 min.
National park «Burabay» is the recreational pearl of Kazakhstan. It is situated on the north of Akmolinskaya oblast in highlands, full of magic miracles. Magnificent pine forests, big cliffs, tops of fantastic forms are divided by quiet lakes. Local guides proudly call this land ‒ Kazakhstani Switzerland.
National State natural park was created in august 2000 and is under the jurisdiction of Administrative Department of the President of the RK.
The territory of NSNP «Burabay» is a part of the composition of Kokshetau steppe, forest-steppe and gently rugged, wavy elevation. The climate is sharp-continental, with fervent summer and rigorous winter. The territory relief is presented by low-hill terrains, hills and flat lands.
There are 14 lakes on the park territory with the water-surface area of each of about 1 sq.km, and a great number of smaller lakes. The biggest lakes, in area extent, are Bolshoye and Maloye Chebachiye, Schuchiye and Borovoye lakes.
The vegetation of the park territory is presented by forest, steppe, meadow, marsh and saline types; flora numbers about 800 species of plants. Vertebrates are presented by 305 species.
The peak of the area is Kokshetau Mountain (Blue Mountain). Southward of the place there is Burabay Mountain (690m) – the perfect panoramic point. Burabay is a camel. More southward, there are Schuchinskyiye mounds, the biggest of them is named Zheke-batyr (826m), lonely warrior in translation.
It’s impossible to neglect the lakes of Borovoye. They are in a great number. The lakes Schuchiye, Borovoye, Bolshoye and Maloye Chebachiye, Kotyrkol are shining on the green surface of the forest. As well, the small lakes are visible from the crest of Kokshetau. They are Svetloye, Karasiye, Gornoye and Lebedinoye. The visiting card of Borovoye is Blue bay, located at the lake with the same name. Right from the bottom of the bay’s water, the Zhumbaktas Rock appears (Stone-Mistery), reminding sphinx. The Ok-Zhetpes Rock with the top like an elephant is rising against the background of holts («Arrow could not reach it»). Each name has its own legend here.
Sphinx, for instance, is interesting because of the fact, that if you look at it from the different points you can see a face of a young girl with fly-away hair, a woman or finally an old woman.
There is an age-old legend about Borovoye. It says that Allah creating the world cheated the Kazakh man and gave him only steppes. It seemed rather offensive to the Kazakh man and he asked the Creator to give him a little part of the nature magnificence. And then Allah raked out from his bag and strewed the remains of picturesque mountains, rocks and lakes with crystal-clear bluish water, lavishly scattered away emerald meadows covered by flowers, springs with very cold water and merrily purling brooks in the middle of boundless feather grass steppe. After all he settled forests with animals and birds, the lakes with fishes, the meadows with insects and butterflies which could not be met in the steppe for hundreds miles away. So Borovoye was created in this way.
Borovoye is more beautiful than any fairy tale. Combination of mountains, coniferous forest and lakes makes not only the unique beauty of landscapes but peculiar medicinal climate. Here you can find a majority of sanatoriums, tourist centres and holiday hotels with all attributes of a health resort: restaurants, bars, shops and disco clubs. The swimming season opens in June.
The historical significance of this place should be noted as well. At the foot of Burabay Mountain the Kurultai was held, at which Abylay khan united three zhuzes of the Kazakh people. After centuries, the golden eagle appeared in the sky above the place where the khan headquarters was located that time. This obelisk has been erected to the memory of the historical event.