The marble Wall peak


The Marble wall peek located is in East part of Central Tien Shan in Meridian ridge and is the most northern six-thousands in Eurasia.

Over Meridian ridge the border with China passes through.

The Marble wall peek has received its name due to the western wall which has characteristic features of a marble breeds, from German researcher - geographer Gottfried Mertsbaher.

In 1953 the first mountaineering on top of 6400 m. has been accomplished by climbers of the Kazakh club of climbers under the direction of V.Shipilov with climbing through ice-falling and an exit on the Northwest crest higher than peak "Frontier guard".

The majority of routes to the Marble wall peek are laid from the North - West from the side of Bayankol gorge and one route (E.Iljinskiy 1971., 4B) from the south, from a glacier Northern Inilchek.

The region is characterized by a significant glaciations what is defined by its height and geography of region.

Weather in the Central Tien Shan is unstable, intensive precipitations during the summer period are source of numerous avalanches. The snow line begins with height of 4300m. At heights of 6000 meters often and often a strong Western wind.

Route of mounterring 

On top there is several technically simple, but rather long routes on snow crests and slopes reaching 40 degrees. On an mounterring there should be established intermediate camp’s at height of 4000 m, 5200 m and 5900 m. During this ascent you will see the highest tops of Central Tien Shan peak Khan Tengri, peak of Victory and surrounding peaks and glaciers of Kazakhstan and China.

The period and duration of mounterring

The most suitable time for an ascention of the peak are from July until September.

For an ascention of Marble Wall it is recommended to plan 18-20 days, including the periods of bad weather.

Besides you can carry out an ascention on other peaks which are being placed in the territory hunting site.

Cost of each tour includes:

* ­Visa support­
* ­A meeting / seeing off in the airport of Almaty
* ­­Transport from / to hunting site
* ­­Residence and meal in hunting site
* ­­Services of professional alpinist - guide
* ­­Services of the translator
* ­­Rent of gas-ring
* ­­Rent of tent
* ­­Rent of camping outfit