Duration: 2 days
Length 400 km
Accommodation 1 night in tents
Difficulty А
Seasonality: April 15 till October 15
Group: no more than 10 persons

Day 1. Travel from Aktau to the Sherkala Mountain (200 km, asphalt). The Sherkala Mountain is a unique natural object looking like a gigantic yurt from one the seeing perspectives (H-300 m). The walking tour around the mountain (3 km) and ascent (30 m with climbing outfit, optional). Field lunch (13.00 – 14.00). Travel from Sherkala to the Akmyshtau Mountain Valley (20 km, asphalt, country road). Seeing the residuals of the Middle Age town Kyzylkala (10-13 century) and nomads’ rock drawings. The route passes the picturesque cross country along the Cretaceous terraces of the Airakty and Kairakty Mountains. Dinner. Overnight tent stop.

Day 2. Breakfast. The Tomalak Mountain peak ascent by a mountain path (Н - 200 m) that opens a fantastic panoramic view (the total length of the route is 4 km). Travel from Akmyshtau to Kokala with its bizarre washouts of speckled shales and spring water mountain gorge (40 km, country road, asphalt). Field lunch (13.00-14.00). Travel from Kokala to Aktau (140 km) stopping on a vast field of globular concretions.