There is an amazing beauty mountainous country in the South-eastern Kazakhstan. This term appeared in written sources in the XVIII century as the name of the Khanate Oirats. The complex geological history of the formation led to the peculiarity of the relief of this mountainous country, consisting of two mountain ranges - South and North. Jungar Tau is a natural boundary with China and has a length of 400 km.

The main tourist routes pass along most major rivers - the cortex, Chezhe and Cox. Korinskoe Gorge is one of the most beautiful in Dzhungaria. It starts from Tekeli, once the city of miners and miners, and now successfully refocused towards the tourist business, and extends deep into the mountain at 60 km.
In the beginning, the gorge is squeezed by massive vertical cliffs. And it makes an already violent and deep river Cora rush downstream to even greater fury. The road, winding along the river, only by a good cross-country vehicles and delivers a lot of emotions to all who dare to go on the voyage. Around how much can see the eye of the forest. Spruce and fir are alternated with lacy green birch trees, and meadows covered with colorful flower carpet. This grass has long been chosen by beekeepers. The road rushes above, nature becomes more severe: funny birch trees are replaced by high-mountain plateau, the so-called Syrt. From its spectacular rocky peaks rush down dozens of large and small waterfalls.

Closeness of this area as a frontier for decades helped to keep this brown bear, deer, mountain goat, not to mention the wolf, fox and the hare, whose faces often enough travelers. 60 km road along the gorge because of the road have to travel five hours. But all the difficulties disguise a mass of impressions and the expectation of meeting with the largest waterfall in Kazakhstan Burhan-Bulak. For one of this spectacle was worth to do this long way. The extraordinary power of the water flow, of falling from a height of 90 m, captivates our eyes for a long time. Myriad spray, flying at 100 meters around, vegetation cover in silver life-giving water.

Day 1. Departure 8-00. Arriving in Taldy Corgan at 13-00. Lunch in the cafe. Change of transport, change to GAZ-66, take a guide-wire and continue to move up to Tekeli. Border control and begin to climb up the gorge. By tradition, the first stop of the mirror spring. Recreation, photography. Short stop on the road. Arriving at the place of base camp at 20-00. Tents. Dinner.
Day 2. The rise of 9-00. Breakfast. Hike to a waterfall Burhan-Bulak. Swimming, photography, recreation. Return to the camp. Lunch. Free time. Dinner. Songs by the campfire.
Day 3. Hike in the upper valley. Overcoming hinged crossing bark. Lunch at nature. Hiking to the lakes. Return to the camp. Dinner. Rest.
Day 4. Breakfast. Folding camp. Descend to the apiary. Understanding the work of the apiary and the local way of life. Lunch. A walk through the neighborhood. Dinner.
Day 5. Breakfast. Check in Taldykorgan. Lunch in the cafe. Change machine. Departure to Almaty. Arrival in Almaty at 22-00.