Fishing in the Balkhash region along the river Ili


Route: Almaty - the village. Bakanas - pos. Kara - Almaty.
Length: 500 miles round trip
Season: March - November
Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Cost: Adult - 25 000 tenge per person, children - 20 000 tenge per person, 17 000 tenge Rights - For those who want to go to his car.
Transport: comfortable Vans 4x4 Jeeps
Price includes: transport service, the services of trainers, chef services, 3 meals a day, equipment (tents, sleeping bags, mats, camping equipment), fishing licenses.
Number of participants: Min. - 7 persons, Max. - not limited.

Balkhash area, where the river Ili forms numerous lakes and canals, is considered as a fishing site. Each year a lot of fishermen from inside of the country, as well as foreign citizens come to these places for trophy fishing. Carp, catfish, chub, roach, perch, crucian carp, grass carp and other fish species are found in abundance in the ducts and lakes. From my own experience and a survey among experienced fishermen, it can be concluded that none of fishermen do not come back from these places without a catch; even beginners who have taken a fishing tackle for the first time.

Day 1:
11: 30 - Collecting, 12:00 - Check out
17: 30 - Arrive at fishing spot
17: 30 - 19:00 - Setting up the camp, dinner (barbecue with side dishes, cold appetizers, salads, tea, coffee ), evening and night fishing.

Day 2
08: 00 - 09:00 - Breakfast. Menu: ear, snacks, tea with sweets.
13: 00 - 14:00 Lunch. Menu: roast, fried fish, ha of carp, appetizers, salads, tea with sweets.
20: 00 - Dinner. Sitting by the fire. Menu: pilau, fish baked in foil on the coals, ha of carp, salads, snacks, tea with sweets, evening fishing.

Day 3
8: 00 - Breakfast. Menu: ear, fried fish, ha of carp, snacks, fruits, tea with sweets.
13: 00 - 14:00 Lunch. Menu: skewers of carp, fried fish, snacks, salads, tea with sweets.
14: 30 - departure city
21: 00 - Arrival in Almaty

Supplement: we have a table covered all day