Turgen gorge of Trans-Ili Alatau.


One of the most beautiful gorges in the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains is located in 61 km from the main road Ghulja. The road stretches along the full-flowing river Turgen deep into the gorge. At any time of a year hillsides covered with lush vegetation please your eyes.
Especially beautiful this place in autumn. Hotels, chalets, cozy restaurants are conveniently located along the route, as well as the famous trout farm where you can catch the royal fish and get it fried for lunch. Rising above the mountains, getting to the place from which extends the path to the waterfalls Bear Buzgul. And the most active travelers will be able to make the 8-kilometer climb to a stunning waterfall Kayrak height of which is 55 m. Through the place Bataan road climbs higher up the plateau Assy - traditional for summer grazing since ancient times.

Exceptionally clean air and plenty of sunny days per year enabled to build one of the most high-altitude observatories of the Soviet Union. It also connoisseur and lover of archeology have the opportunity to visit the excavations of ancient settlements of the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. Bataan and Assy - a favorite vacation spot mushroom. Most often in these places there are mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms. In this part Turgen Gorge as are declared a natural monument Chinturgenskie mossy spruce stands growing on the permafrost. On the way back to the city travelers must visit the source of beauty and youth, located at the entrance to the gorge. After a hot summer day and a good walking distance to enjoy a drink only pure delicious spring water, listen to legends connected with the miraculous power source, and for all take with them memories of beautiful places in Kazakhstan!
The distance to the ending point of 100 km.

Day 1. Departure from the city to 8-00.

On the road race at the Issyk burial mounds. At 61 km turn off the main road in the gorge of the mighty mountain river Turgenev. Leave the vehicle at 19 miles and turn left onto the road well-trodden mountain path, which is 40 minutes to lead us to a magnificent sight - a 30-meter waterfall Bear. Go back to the vehicles and continue moving up the canyon, admiring the beautiful picture of a mountain landscape. Dine on you like a clearing. Go further into town Bataan. From here you can make a walking tour of the magnificent 50-meter waterfall Kayraksky and get acquainted with a unique natural monument - Chinturgenskimi mossy spruce. Among the dense fir forests on the northern slopes of the settled dense moss cover depth of 60 cm, covering the permafrost. Further on the road grader to get Assy plateau - the most favorable place since ancient times cattle grazing. Here eyes the great plateau, covered with grasses. Still above is one of the astronomical observatory of the Soviet Union, which operates to this day.
Dinner at the guest house at the observatory. Familiarity with the night sky through a telescope. Overnight at guesthouse.

Day 2.

In the 9-00 breakfast. Excursion to the excavations of Bronze Age settlements and the early Iron Age. On the surface of visible stone structures, where one can find fragments of pottery.

Lunch at the guest house at 14-00. Returning to the city through Bartagayskoe reservoir. Unforgettable sight myriad spray and irresistible power of falling water. Relax and reinforced. Check out the city at 18-00. At the exit of the gorge seen fountain of youth and beauty. Arriving in town at 21-00.