The program of ancient Taraz city sightseeing tour


Taraz city has a history of more than 2000 years, during which it played an important role as a cultural and trade centre of Kazakh Khandyk and the Great Silk Road. During the ancient Taraz city sightseeing tour you will visit ancient architectural monuments.

- Karakhan Mausoleum - delightful architectural monument, great creation of ancient Taraz. 30 types of figured bricks were used during the refinishing of this construction. Near Karakhan's mausoleum there is Dautbek mausoleum and the restored mosque of XIII-IX century and opposite of which archaeological excavations are still in process. During the sightseeing tour you can visit the medieval bath of Cali-Yunus, striking with magnificent furnish of XI-XII centuries. Exhibits of a museum of the cities of Great Silk Road are placed here.

- The unique structure ‘Tekturmas’ located at top of a hill, near the Talas River.

- The ‘Aisha Bibi’ Mausoleum is the monument of love and devotion, constructed in XI-XII centuries. It is a unique monument in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, completely riveted with terracotta tiles.

- Babadzhi-Hatun's Mausoleum is known for its original 16th ridge dome.

- The Regional Historical Museum is one of the largest museums in Kazakhstan. A unique collection of stone sculptures of VI-X centuries Kazakhstan is exhibited at the museum.

The price of the sightseeing tour includes:

- transfer in hotel if necessary
- placement in hotel including a breakfast
- transport on excursion
- services of the guide
- entrance tickets in museums including excursions
- company services

Duration of excursion – 3- 4 hours
Extent of an automobile part - 100 km
Extent of a foot part - 2-3 km