Republic Health training center


NTC “Baldauren” is opened during the whole year and accepts about 288 children each season. Season duration in summer – 15 days, during educational year – 20 days. Children will have all modern conditions for living and studying. All rooms are in good conditions with a whirlpool shower in each. Children are provided with 5 complex meals a day, healthy activities: massage, halo chamber, water procedures, treatment bath, sauna, cocktails, coniferous air. Children (aged from 10 to 15, studying in 5-9th grade) which received a contest based pass (winners of school, regional, republic or international Olympiads, sport or art contests, excellent pupils) are directed to this Center.
On the 26th of October 2009 in Oxford (United Kingdom) according to statistics, consulting, informing and rating agencies, recommendations, public opinion of EBA partners, NTC “Baldauren” received international “European quality award”.
Nowadays “Baldauren” is a republic scientific-methodical center that organizes pedagogical self-realization of children, developing of their personal qualities which work towards the becoming of an active human position.