Alzhir – our memory and pain


In this camp women with a mark «a member of a family of a traitor of the Native land» were imprisoned. Without having committed any crime, they had to live in special cams only because they were mothers, wives, sisters or daughters of those who was accused of treason to the Native land.
Women served time there for an uncommitted crime, and their husbands didn't commit any crime as well; they simply worked for the sake of the Native land. In criminal law there was article 58 which included 14 points, and in addition to this, a rule about responsibility for family was added. And exactly due to this point 8000 women were imprisoned in 17th branch of Karlag.
During excursion we will visit a monument to victims of political repressions where the well-known female camp was located. You will visit distressful earth which remembers a lot of grief and injustice, you will pass through the Memory avenue and visit a memorable sign and a museum exhibits of which will tell you about people and events of that terrible time.

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