Trophy hunt in Kazakhstan with Kazankol


• Hunting site Kumbel (798.3 km2). Variety oh trophy animals - Asian Elk (lat. Cervus Elaphus), Asian Ibex (lat. Capra Sibirica), Siberian Roe Deer (lat. Сapreolus pygargus), Wild Boar (lat. Sus scrofa), Wolf (lat. Canis Lupus). The special peculiarity of Kumbel hunting site is its location – the site situated in a huge mountain gorge all along Koksu river from west to east till the Chinese border.
• Hunting site Koyandy Tau (957.6 km2). Variety oh trophy animals – same as in Kumbel site. East border of Koyandy Tau sides with west border of Kumbel site.
• Hunting site Shagan (437.1 km2). Variety oh trophy animals – same as in Kumbel and Koyandy Tau sites, excluding Asian Ibex. East border of Shagan sides with west border of Koyandy Tau site.

Therefore, the hunting sites form an arch, stretched from east to west, bordered from south, south-east and south-west by Altyn Emel and VerkhneKoksu national reserve parks. The constant anti-poacher protection, large area, complex geographical relief of the hunting sites, and animal feed-up from national parks, facilitate the stable increase of animals population at our hunting sites.

Kazankol LLP. co-operates with Arnaitours travel company which provides guest and visa services for international hunters.

The head and executive of Kazankol LLP. is Mr. Igor Sys, professional game manager and outfitter. Guides of Kazankol LLP. are professional outfitters, experienced in conducting of hunts. They possess the knowledge of hunting areas, localities of trophy animals and their behavior. The guides will fully assist the hunter during his stay also they are trained to give first aid, if necessary.

2. Accommodation and transportation.
Due to the large area of hunting sites, we use a mobile hunting camp for hunter’s accommodation. We have a new living trailer based on 6x6 military truck. In the trailer there are 4 beds, oven, washstand, 220V electricity, satellite phone. The truck also carries a mobile Russian bath.

Therefore, before the hunt we select the place of hunt where we send the trailer, guides, vehicles, other equipment and horses. So, the prepared hunting camp, located in appropriable distance from the place of hunt will await our guests in the good time.

Also, there are few stationary guides lodges (or border guards posts) with minimal comfort.

Approaching from the hunting camp. Approaching the place of hunt from the camp – by 4x4 vehicles, or/and horses, mountain motorbikes, afoot. We have 3 4x4 vehicles, 2 motorbikes, 5 horses.

3. Food supplies.
During all the stay in a hunting camp we provide breakfast, hot lunch (if available) and dinner for our guests. At the hunt, guides carry some food and beverages “in the field”. Alcoholic drinks are at the expense of a guest.


4. Environmental conditions
Our hunt is the mountain hunt:

Asian elk – from 2000 to 3000 meters above sea level (ASL), in the higher border of fir forest zone.

Asian Ibex – from 3000 meters ASL and higher, in alpine, rocky and glacier (recently) zones.

Siberian Roe Deer – from 0 up to 2500 meters ASL.

Wolf and Wild Boar – everywhere up till rocky zone.

Temperature range – from 0 degree Celsius at night to 10-30 degrees Celsius in noon (August). In September and October temperature falls to 10-0 degrees Celsius in afternoon, at night its steady subzero.

Due to uneven mountain weather we ask to reserve at least 12 days for the hunting tour. Possibly we will have to wait for better weather in the camp.

Kumbel hunting site geographic coordinates - might be seen via Google Earth

1. 44,43,51  78,56,09
2. 44,42,50  78,56,50
3 44,43,57  78,58,56
4. 44,44,17  78,59,56
5. 44,44,50  79,00,58
6. 44,45,03  79,02,33
7.  44,46,32  79,03,07
8.  44,46,09  79,05,24
9.  44,48,08  79,13,07
10.  44,47,43  79,14,13
11.  44,50,17  79,20,12
12.  44,50,19  79,23,24
13.  44,52,39  79,26,59
14.  44,53,10  79,29,50
15.  44,56,16  79,35,35
16.  44,58,17  79,43,26
17.  44,59,29  79,56,40
18.  44,58,24  79,56,06
19.  44,55,05  79,50,26
20.  44,50,57  79,51,03
21.  44,51,06  79,50,11
22.  44,41,11  78,56,35
23.  44,43,56  78,55,20


5. Bring-in of rifles and ammo. To process an official permit for hunter’s guns and ammo we need scanned copies and information as following - (for every gun):

Current address;
Place of work;
Make, model, number and caliber of a rifle;
Make, model, caliber and quantity of ammo;
Gun permit (as in hunter’s country);
3 3х4 cm photographs.

According to Kazakhstani laws the gun bring-in permit will be issued after, at least 1 month from the date when the above mentioned documents were submitted to regulating bodies. Also, for gun bring-in permit issuance we need originally undersigned hunt agreement, which should be concluded at least 1 month before the hunt (according to the law, too). Thus, to be sure that all official papers will be ready before the hunt, we need the documents and originally undersigned hunt agreement at least 2 months before the hunt. Earlier – would be better.

6. Gear, clothing and equipment. Recommendations.

• Waterproof Gore-tex boots.
• Pair of moisture wicking socks and set of light moisture wicking underwear for each day of active hunt. You may need a pair of T-shirts, shorts and thongs or sandals – in early season or in camp.
• Light hunting pants and jackets – 2 pair. works great in mountain hunt.
• Insulated waterproof jacket with hood.
• 2 pair of fleece underwear – great for late season.
• Panama – for sun protection, or ball cap.
• Knit hat or beanie – for cold weather. Remember to protect your ears from cold wind.
• Raingear set with Gortex
• Snow cover suit – in late season, from late October.
• Gloves
• Sunglasses
• Boot gators
• Well insulated sleeping bag
• Day backpack, which will be taken to the hunt with:
Binoculars, photo, video cameras, ammos and magazines, water bladder/bottle, toilet paper, sanitary and optic tissues, rangefinder, spare clothing (if necessary), Swiss army knife or multitool, LED headlamp, specific medicines and other personal equipment.

We kindly ask you not to bring big hunting knives because our guides are equipped with them. In the last position of the list we mentioned the recommended day-of-the-hunt equipment. The personal gear, such as specific medicines, eyeglass cases etc. should be taken too. Our guides also have binoculars and rangefinders. They will assist the hunter in carrying his rifle and gear.

Suggested colors of clothes and gear – khaki or camouflage.

7. Trophies and prices:

For one trophy Miss* Wounded game, found or not Extra trophy
Asian Elk
4000 USD
50% deposit, at least 2 months before the hunt
Deposit** will be returned to the hunter, excl. all valid expenses 100% pay, no deposit refund 2000 USD
Asian Ibex
2500 USD
50% deposit, at least 2 months before the hunt
Deposit** will be returned to the hunter, excl. all valid expenses 100% pay, no deposit refund 1000 USD
Siberian Roe Deer
1000 USD
50% deposit, at least 2 months before the hunt
If one trophy of Asian Elk or Asian Ibex is prepaid Siberian Roe deer comes as an add-on hunt by 200 USD for one trophy. Quantity specified by Kazankol LLC.
Wolf If one trophy of Asian Elk or Asian Ibex is prepaid Wolf comes as an add-on hunt free. Quantity specified by Kazankol LLC.


* Miss – we guarantee that our guides will find the appropriate trophy and bring the hunter to the shot distance. But the shot accuracy depends on hunter – we can not guarantee the success if hunter was not ready for the shot or missed the game due to his poor shooting grounding or bad physical shape. In case of miss our guides will do the best to find the same or equal trophy animal to obtain.
** Deposit – the purpose of deposit is a preliminary hunt arrangement – official papers proceeding, paying of hunting fees, preparation of vehicles etc. Deposit will be refund to hunter in case of miss and in case of bad weather with the exception of actual expenses of Kazankol LLC. and Arnaitours travel company (if it was involved).
We are ready to meet 2-4 hunters group. Non-hunter (observer) fee – 100 USD for each day in hunting area.

Price includes
 Airport meeting, airport-hotel-airport transfer.
 Guide in Almaty
 Hotel-hunting camp-hotel transfer;
 Border zone pass;
 Accommodation during the hunt;
 Transportation on the hunt – 4x4 vehicles, motorbikes and horses;
 Guide service (one guide for each hunter);
 Interpreter (Rus-Eng-Rus) 1 interpreter for group;
 Breakfast, lunch and dinner – each day in hunting camp (excluding alcohol);
 First processing of a trophy.

Price excludes:
 Flight to Almaty and back;
 Foreign citizen registration (proceeded by hotel, approx. 20 USD for person );
 Official rifle bring-in permit - 250 USD;
 Official hunt permit – 100 USD;
 Official veterinary certificate (if trophy exported) – 200 USD;
 Fine proceeding of trophy;
 CITES (in case of Wolf trophy export) – 370 USD;
 Helicopter services – 1000 USD per hour;
 Hotel in Almaty;
 Insurance (a hunter should be insured in his country);
 Alcohol drinks;
 Satellite phone service.