Mystery of Akyrtas


The route goes to the of Taraz, to the south of the railway station Ak – Chulak. That is the area where one of the most mysterious monuments in the south of Kazakhstan – Akyrtas is located. There are no exact data about the history of its creation and its builder. This is a non-finished construction, grand and bold in design, which consists of a number of rooms arranged around a spacious internal yard.
There are many beautiful legends about Akyrtas. But several Kazakhstani and foreign specialists- architects put forward their hypothesis about construction and purpose of the monument.
This unique architectural complex still requires thorough research for determining political and cultural connections of the Turkic states in Kazakhstan with the countries of Middle East along the Great Silk Road in the period of the early Middle Ages. In 2004 the reconstruction work started in Akyrtas to restore the original appearance of the unique architectural monument. According to several magicians, here is the third point o the Bermudas Triangle.