Revived red data book


It is one-day horseback and hiking route in Aksu-Zhabagly National Park. One its 75 anniversary the National Park was announced by the specialists the best in CIS in terms of protection of nature and equipment available. One the territory of the park there are over 16 of plants included in The Red Data Book (Graige tulips among them). There are 58 species of birds living in the park, including the most rare such as golden eagle, Egyptian vulture, black stork, blue bird, flycatcher of paradise, etc. Today there are 55 heads of arkhars, 40 heads of marals, large number of Tien Shan bears and other animals.
The tourists can in detail familiarize themselves with flora and fauna of the National Park in the zoological museum of nature in the village of Zhabagly.
For the impression to be as complete as possible and to make tourists realize their relation with nature to full extent, the tour in museum takes place accompanied by the record of sounds of birds and animals, made in the most distant parts of the National Park. The tour also includes visiting the Vannovka cavern and a horseback ride.