Better then mountains can be only mountains


The rout starts from the Berkara ravine, which is 80 km to the city of Taraz. A comfortable coach will take the tourists to the ravine, where they will have a magnificent view of the unique beauty of the mountains. The Berkara ravine, is located in the Karatau mountains, which are remarkable for their rock carvings. Those drawings give a clear idea of the world view Of Aryans, ancient tribes living in that area 2, 000 years B.C. The drawings show ritual dances, scenes of hunting, economic life of nomadic people, their religious believes, customs, tradition and ceremonies.
The Berkara ravine is one of the most interesting floristic areas in the world with a unique relic ash-tree wood. Here the Mother Nature Herself is taking care of Her children. You should not be afraid when you are drinking freezing spring water as it is good for your health. Fresh breeze from the ravine seems to blow in you new strength and makes you breathe deeply.
After visiting the ravine, the tourists have rest-time in a comfortable recreation zone. Those who wish can have lodging in yurtas on the coast of the Bilikol lake with night fishing.