From ancient Taraz nowadays


On their way the tourists will familiarize themselves with the pearls of architecture, such as mausoleums of Karahan and Dautbek (the 10 – 13 centuries), Tekturmas mausoleums (15 century), Kali-Yunus bathhouse and mausoleums of Aisha-Bibi and Babadzha Khatun (the 10-12 century). They will visit the oblast historical museum of regional studies, which has 2,000 sq. meters exposition area. Here the tourists can learn about The history of the rise of the city, see bright and important archeological finds (one of them is a unique collection of statues balpolans), testifying to the fact That the city was the center of economically and culturally well-developed region.
In the exhibition hall the guests will see the works of modern artists, sculptures and craftsmen. Their works are full of national coloring and love to our ancient land.
Then the tourists will watch the cultural show at “Eurasia” entertainment center and visit the water park in Taraz.