Mountain the spirit here impregnates a history


1 day
1. Meeting in Pavlodar at cafe  "Krendel" in 9 h. Easy breakfast (on the discretion).
2. Departure in one Ekibastuz in 10 h.
3. Arrival in Ekibastuz in 12 h 30 m. Survey excursion - acquaintance to history of occurrence Ekibastuz and his development.
4. Visiting смотровой of a platform of  coal cut.
5. Dinner in a restaurant (cafe) of city in 16 h.
6. Departure from one Ekibastuz in 17 h. Excursion "I love you, my edge native" - acquaintance with flore and fauna Pavlodar Priyrtyshie.
7. Arrival in the House of rest "Chernoyarka Pearl" in 19 h 30 m. Accommodation in numbers.
8. Supper in cafe of a House of rest.
9. Disco.
The second day
1. Breakfast.
2. Walk on a wood, rest. Services of rolling item (for additional payment).
3. Dinner.
4. Departure in 17 h.

The note:

- The route begins in Pavlodar from cafe "Krendel", comes to an end in the House of rest;

- Distance from Pavlodar up to Ekibastuz - 120 kms. Dear - asphalt concrete covering;

- The house of rest "Chernoiarskaya Pearl" is located close villages Chernoyarka, in пойме of the river Irtysh. Distance from one Pavlodar up to with. Chernoyarka - 33 kms, road - asphalt concrete covering; 5 kms from the main road up to Houses of rest - asphalt covering.