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One-day departure from Aktau to the Karakiya Depression – the third deepest in the world (the dry salty Batyr Lake floor is 132m deep). The route crosses the Depression west to east and lays along its eastern edge. The purpose is to visit few panorama sites and descending to the Depression’s floor in its southern end to see the fossilized fish remains. The Depression is the National Karakiya-Karakol Zoological Reserve.
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The two-day itinerary include a visit to a grand failure, is situated on the beach in the area Zhygylgan and visit underground mosque Shakpak-ata.
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Duration - 2 days Length - 400 km Accommodation - 1 night in tents. Category difficulties - A Season from 15 April to 15 October Number of people in the group - no more than 10 people
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Back to the Stone Age Duration - 3 days Length - 350 km Accommodation - 2 nights in tents. Season from April 15 to October 15 Number of people in the group - no more than 10 people
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Mount Sherkala - this unique natural creation, covered with legends. Legendary mountain fortress in the mountain Mangistau, which causes a genuine interest in everyone who saw this natural creation.
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