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Taraz - Profsouz - Tourist Taraz - Profsouz - Tourist

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We’d like to introduce you our tourist firm LLC “TARAZ-PROFSOYUZ- TOURIST”, which is specialized in the market of tourist services from 2006 year. During the last three years our firm has proved itself as a reliable and stable company. The main direction of our firm is - the development of inland tourism.
Do you want to have a good rest, to know something new and interesting, to get a lot of pleasurable impressions, good spirits and energy? It’s not necessary to go far away. There are a lot of splendid views in Kazakhstan.
We offer you next services:
1. Excursions:
“Astana is the city of the III millenium”(Astana city) – during the “Astana is the city of the III millenium”excursion you can find out much interesting about the capital, it’s history, culture, perspectives of development. It had different names in different times; Akmolinsk, Tcelinograd, Astana. Each era left its trace in the architecture of the city and each name is connected with the definite historical period. The excursion is survey, with the bus and takes 3 days;
“Ancient Taraz today” – bus survey excursion around the city which includes visiting historical museum, Mausoleums of Aisha-bibi and Babadzha Hatun, Karakhan and Dautbek, Bani Kali Yunus – Tekturmas. These immortal creations of the ancient architects and valuable archeological findings won’t leave our guests indifferent to the beauty of the ancient Taraz.
“Ancient city Akyrtas” which is situated in Turar Ryskulov district of the Zhambyl region. There are several beautiful legends about Akyrtas. But some Kazakhstani and foreign scientist-archeologists offer their hypothesis of the appearance and the meaning of this building. In 2004 the restoration works started at Akyrtas, they are supposed to restore the ancient image of the unique building. As many magicians say the third point of the Bermuda Triangle is situated here;
There are many historical monuments at the territory of the South-Kazakhstan region. You can touch the stones of the Mausoleum Arystan Bab and Kozha Ahmet Yassawi that are situated in Turkistan town. The entire route has been worked out on the programme named “The Pearl of the Southern Kazakhstan”;
2. The rest and the sanatorium-resort cure:
The sanatoriums: “Merke”, “Akniet”, “T. Ryskulov”, “Sary-Agach”, “Koktem”, “Zhumbaktas”, “Okzhetpes”;
The “GRES”dispensaries;
Besides that the touristic firm LLC “TARAZ-PROFSOYUZ- TOURIST” offers foreign tours:
- all kinds of services along the Issyk-Kul lake in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan;
- Turkey, China, Israel, Thailand and other countries of the world. Personal approach to every client, the entire paper arrangements (insurance, airway tickets, booking the hotel rooms, visas).
We have our own personal transport to serve the tourists and to lead the excursions


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