Бон Вояж

Бон Вояж Бон Вояж

Urickaya str.,3, Kostanay

7(7142) 52 81 55

Touristic agency "BON VOYAGE" proposes:
1. A wide range of beach rest on different world resorts (Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Maldives, Cuba, Dominican and others, also rest at exotic islands (Goa, Bali, Mauritius, Seychelles, Hainan);
2. Sanatorium-health recreation rest (Czechia, Israel, China, Russia, Kazakhstan);
3. Shop-tours (China, UAE, Тurkey);
4. Excursion tours (Europe (visiting several countries during one trip), Russia);
5. School tours (Astana, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow);
6. Learning abroad (Great Britain, China, Malta, Turkey);
7. Winter –skiing resorts (Russia, Turkey, Austria, Finland);
8. Assistance in visa granting (Lithuania, Germany, China etc.);
9. Air tickets to all destinations;
10. Booking of hotels in Astana, Almaty, Moscow and in other cities.


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