The Memorial complex of Karasaj and Agyntaj batyr.


The Ajyrtausky District occupies 9, 6 thousand km2 of the North Kazakhstan territory. However, this tiny territory has given birth to such great ancestors as Shokan Ualihanov, Ahana-Sere and Orynbaj Bertuly. Well-known warriors (batyrs) Karasaj (from Shaprashty clan) and Agyntaj (from Argyn clan) protected the land from overseas aggressors under the banners of Esim khan in the 17th century. Both of them are buried on a hill of Kulshynbaj – Tobe. From a high hill, where the warriors ashes rest (in 1999 memorial complex and mausoleum were based there) you can see the beauty of the Ajyrtau steppe, surrounded by dark blue mountains and fantastic lakes, giving people power, love and hope. The mausoleum is a symbol of unity, friendship and national cohesion of all people of Kazakhstan. Cone-shaped, 16-metre high tower are connected by memorial mosque – a stronghold of belief, memory and hope. Trere are numerous burial places of soldiers nearby. During the next excavation there were found the remains of 2 meters tall athlete with a heavy sword.


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