The Archaeological site of "Bekteniz"

Low hills make a chain on the river bank. 10 hills are included in the allocated group. The site was named after a small aul Bekteniz. The majority of the excavated mounds belong to the Bronze Age. It was the first time when the archeologists of Northern Kazakhstan received the original complex containing bronze mirrors, altars and female ornaments. It is not excluded, that the archeologists have found a funeral field, where people, belonging to a special social group (for example, priests), were buried.
In the ancient times a mirror was a subject possessing a magic power. It served as an obligatory attribute of Sarmatia priestesses. Mirrors were put in a tomb together with stone altars and ornaments. Sarmatians lowered them in a tomb purposely broken. Some of them were exposed to fire. The further studying of the revealed subjects will help archeologists to unravel many ancient riddles.


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