The “Two brothers” hill

The “Two brothers” hill is located in 12 kilometers to the west of Ajyrtau Village. These two hills have the general saddle which divides them at the height of 300 meters. The beautiful legend about two brothers is connected with a hill origin – a legend about 2 warriors, reflecting the attacks of overseas aggressors and having died in unequal battle. The warriors’ sister, broken by a grief, sobbed out all the tears that turned into the picturesque Ajyrtauchik Lake.
An archaeological site of the Iron Age - The "Ak Iry" hillfort.
The site is located near Dolmatov Village on a joint of Ishimsky plain and the Western-Siberian lowland. The archeologists gave the site of an ancient settlement, which is twenty five thousand square meters in area, a rather romantic name «Ak Iry», that means “a white paradise”.
Researchers assume that the site was constructed for the cultural-economic and defensive purposes. As archeologists claim, the fortifications belonged to the steppe Saki, who worshipped the fire and were the adherents of Zoroastrianism. This religion started its development in the steppes of Eurasia during the Bronze Age and took roots in the beginning of the 1st millennium B.C. It is surprising, that the characteristic of the Japanese and Mediterranean Sea cowrie shells, were found on the territory of the site. Possibly they carried out a function of money, and hence, the Saki had wide enough geography of external relations. Another interesting detail is that elm was used as a waterproofing material in the rampart base. The kilns intended for clay firing and metal melting were also found there. These finds allow putting forward a hypothesis about the tribes occupying this territory and having deep roots in cultures of previous historical stages.

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