The State National park of Charyn


Charyn State National Natural Park is created for the purpose of preservation natural landscapes, which have special ecological, historical and aesthetic value. Owing to favorable combination of territories, included as parts of the National Park, which are different on their functional purpose, they can be used in the scientific, educational, cultural and recreational purposes. The park territory includes a Sharyn River valley.

Charyn State National Park extends from the bridge around Kurytogay village in the south, to the beginning of the river estuary in the north and represents a strip of foothill plains and intermountain hollows on either side of the river. The park is situated in territory of three regions of Almaty oblast – Uigur, Rayimbek and Enbekshikazakh regions.

Sharyn River valley is a unique site, where prehistoric flora and fauna remnants have been found. Sharyn River is a mountain river and is the largest inflow of Ili River in Kazakhstan, with the length of 393 km.

The park is rich not only in unique natural objects and complexes, but also in historical and cultural heritage, such as burial grounds and barrows. Barrows are underground or above ground burial places, constructed in a shape of barrows

The park is attractive at any time of the year, in the spring - air is filled by aroma of blossoming medicinal herbs and bushes, in the summer you can shelter yourself from the sun under a shade of a relic ash-tree, in the autumn you can admire the bright indescribable colours of ripe barberries, in the winter you can observe calmly how ice floats on dark blue water as majestic snow tops of «the Valley of Castles».


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