Falls of Burhan Bulak

       The city of Tekeli is young  city based on base of extraction of polymetallic ores, stretched more than on 25 km. The city is located at an input from the most picturesque mountain natural boundaries of Zhungarsky Ala Tau - a Korinsky gorge. In this region there is one of the most picturesque falls Semirechja - Burhan Bulak which visiting will leave unforgettable impression. From height of 90 metres the stream of thawed glacial water is overthrown, dousing millions cold splashes. The flora and district fauna is extremely various. One of the most interesting representatives of fauna of Zhetysu is тяньшанский the brown bear. In the pure mountain rivers originating from glaciers, crowning mountain tops, fish – the osmanli Turk lives. The city of Tekeli is at feet of a northwest ridge of Zhungarsky Ala Tau, on merge of three mountain rivers – the Bark, Shizhe and Tekeli.

The biggest falls in Semireche Burhan Bulak are located in 55 km from the city of Tekeli in gorge of the river the Bark. A grey-hydrogen source «Warm pecking», on the river Ojsaz in 25 km from the city of Tekeli it is well-known for the medical properties, and the relic triton Seven-Rechensky лягушкозуб, эндемик Semirechja does not meet anywhere more. Picturesque vicinities of the city of Tekeli wait for the tourists and admirers of wild and protogenic beauty.

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14.05.2011, 22:19
Шумилин Вячеслав
Дороги и вправду нет, ее смыло, шли дожди... Через Капал пройти можно, на счет проехать не уверен. Доехать можно будет до спуска в Коринское ущелье, а дальше пешочком до водопада)
24.11.2010, 23:54
Да,,дорогу смыло и к тому же ещё и мост смыло.Так что с Текелей до водопада не добраться.Говорят через Капал можно проехал.Вот хочу съездить проверить.
17.08.2010, 07:49
Говорят там дорогу смыло, если ехать из города Текели.