Zhaysan's sanctuary

Zhaysan's sanctuary is a complex of Turkic cult memorials – It is located in a valley of the river of Choo (Shue) which has kept the root name, occurred from SU word – water, a symbol of a deity of Zher-Su. Ritual fencings with stone statues, which belongs to notable persons rise in the steppe, in places of prayers and rituals. There are a large number of petroglyphic galleries with hunting scenes, images of animals with cubs and patrimonial tamgas which representatives of Turkic tribes.
Zhaysan's complex – funeral, includes a barrow and a ritual construction with a stone sculpture on which head there is an attire topped with three ledges, similar to horns. On fencings of a sanctuary of Zhaysan were found iron tips of arrows. The woman and a tip of an arrow were one of symbols of an ideological complex.
The sculptures established from East side of fencings on a sanctuary of Zhaysan, who are representing mainly men, they are intended for worship and a glorification of ancestors on the fatherly line, holders of the heavenly leader. Early Arab sources confirm that in tradition of Turkic peoples practiced ritual of fixing of the contract by water drink from a vessel against image of an idol, and old Russian chronicles report that "Turkic peoples drank an oath on the faith" (in a value "take an oath"). In the Kazakh lexicon and now living the concept of “drink an oath”-“ ant ishu”.
Ancient masters represented ancestors beautiful and courageous: wide eyebrows, big eyes, straight noses, curved moustaches, earrings in ears. In traditional culture of Turkic peoples an earring served for designation of courageous character of the person. Let's notice that worthy men wore also necklaces with jewels.
On all space of the Turkic world sacral lands were marked by sacred symbols – images of the great ancestors,who are cut in a stone, tamgas, altars, the rock paintings which have been beaten out on a stone by inscriptions.

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