Monuments of Atyrau

Monuments of Atyrau city might also be interesting for tourists. These monuments include the monument of composer and kuyshi of classic Kazakh music – Kurmangazy (1818 – 1889), the monument of the son of Kipchaks and the sultan of Egypt – Sultan Beibars (1225-1277) and many others.

Monument of Kurmangazy – great Kazakh composer
Kurmangazy Sagyrbajuly – 1818 – 1889. is a great composer of kui – an instrumental piece of music, and a famous dombra player. Kurmangazy since his childhood liked to play on dombra. His first teacher was kuishy – Uzak. Then he learnt to play kui of such known kuishy composers of the Bokey Horde as Bayzhuma, Balamaysyn, Baybakty, Sokyr Eszhan, Sherkesh and finished the play on dombra to perfection. Later he began to play on dombra professionally. All life of the composer was directed on struggle against social injustice, oppression and violence. For justice persecutions volost biys – respected judges could not break the Composer-fighter. Kui in which his freedom-loving thoughts were stated resisted to violence. One of the first kui of Kurmangazy "Kishkentay” was devoted the leader of liberation movement in the Western Kazakhstan, in the 1830’s - Isatai Taimanuly. Birth of every kui was accompanied by internal pain and experiences for the oppressed people and bravery of Kazakh hero. And in kuis "Akbai", «Aksak kiyik», «Turmeden kashkan», "Adai", etc. are stated dreams of the simple people of independence, its insults and animosities on existing injustice, i.e. all with what Kurmangazy in a life struggled.

Located in the city of Atyrau on the avenue Azattyk, near the business center.

Monument of Dina Nurpeisova (1861 1955)

Dina Nurpeisova - folk singer and dombra player, composer of a prominent Kazakh Culture. People's Artist of Kazakh SSR (1944 Honored Artist of Kazakh SSR in 1940). With the help of his father, a famous dombra player, Dina Nurpeisova mastered the art of playing the dombra to 8 years. Decisive role in her fate played a meeting with the national composer Kurmangazy (1870).

Dina Nurpeisova is the successor orginalnaya performer art, original style Kurmangazy. She began composing Cui. Her first works: Bulbul "," Bayzhuma "," Kogentup ", where tradition can be traced. Great influence on the work of Dina Nurpeisova had national liberation. rebellion of 1916 in Kazakhstan (Cui "1916" bears the imprint of the influence kyuya Kurmangazy "Kishkentay", dedicated to the uprising Isatai Taimanov and Makhambet Utemisov). Development and peak comp. skill Dina Nurpeisova - Sov.period. In 1937 she participated in the Republican contest of performers-musicians, 1939 in Moscow at the All-Union review performers of folk musical instruments, where it is called "Jambul dombra. Her solemn-inspired "Cui of the Party", a tender lyric. "Asem Konyr, festive and pathetic. Like a mountain waterfall" Toybastar ", a rich musical palette, deep psychological content become the pearl of the Kazakh Soviet kyuev. In particular triumph, with a sense of joy sung composer truth era in Body art (Zhenis "," Ana hostages "," Segizinshi March "," Sauynshy "," Enbek Eri and others "). Building on the traditions of folk composers kuishi Kurmangazy Dauletkerei, Dina Nurpeisova raised to a new quality level of executive art dombra.
The life and ways tvorchestvennye Dina S. Bakbergenov Nurpeissova writer wrote a novel "Good Mom" (1963), artist A. Cherkasky wrote canvas "D. Dzhabayev and D. Nurpeisova" (1946), GM Ismailov - its Portrait (1963). In honor of Dina Nurpeisova in Alma-Ata called street. Awarded by 2 orders of Labor Red Banner and medals

Monument Sultan Beybarys (1225-1277)
Sultan Baybars al-Malik al-Zahir Rukn al-Din al-Beybarys Bundukdari al-Salih, 1223 - July 1, 1277) - Sultan of Egypt. He was captured by the Mongols and sold into slavery. In the market he was bought by the Emir of Damascus Aytegin al-Bunduktar (so nicknamed Baybars al-Bunduktari) and included into Mamluk troops.....
The monument to Sultan Beibars is located in the central square of Atyrau city. The monument is built of granite, which was brought from the Kurtin district of Almaty region.

Stone figures in the shape of pyramids and yurts, installed next to the monument mean that the Sultan is a person of the two countries - Egypt and Kazakhstan. Runic inscription in the ancient language is stamped on the granite hemisphere, which was set by the authors behind the monument.
Turkic inscription sounds as "Elime, zherime, suyma. Osy bir Türk eli el bolsyn dep zhasagan isimiz edi. Kultegin". Translation of the text is "To my people, my land and my water. In order this Turkic people to become People, we did our job. Kultegin. "
The author and the chief sculptor of the monument is K.Kakimov, the architect is K. Zhumabay. According to the decree of the former Governor of the Region I. Tasmagambetov from 1 February 2000, the central square of Atyrau was named after Sultan Beibars.
President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev said during the opening ceremony of a monument to the great son of our people Beibars Sultan: "... The names of Beibars, Abylai - Khan, Abulhair, Al - Farabi and others must be in our memories and memories of our posterity. ... The world must know the Kazakhs, their roots and how strong we were and are. "

Name of the object and dating: Monument Beybarys Sultan (1225-1277). 2000.
Location: Atyrau, street Aiteke bi, in front of Atyrau oblast akimat.
Description: Monument to a height of 7,2 m, width up to 3,8 m was installed on the pedestal. The pedestal consists of 3 blocks. Lower block size 2,8 m x 2,4 m, height 60 cm average unit 2,4 x1, 8 m, height 1,6 m. The upper unit 2,4 x1, 8 m, height 1,4 m . The area for stacking plates of 8120 square meters. m. Weight of the monument to 120 tons. The height of the monument with a pedestal 11,8 m.

Monument Hiuaz Dospanova
Hiuaz Dospanova was born in the village Ganushkino Guriev, now Atyrau region. In 1940, after finishing school with a gold medal, was admitted to the Moscow Medical Institute. Back in school, received a pilot license Hiuaz stock Aeroclub. After the first year of the Institute Hiuaz Dospanova volunteer went to the front.

She fought in the legendary 588-th regiment of night bombers. Was a navigator-shooter. Pilots of this particular regiment for fearlessness Germans called night witches. Hiuaz with their brother-soldiers Natalia Mecklin, Raisa Aronova, Alexandra Khoroshilova, Eugenia Zhigulenko flew over 300 sorties over enemy lines. She was seriously injured. But, heal wounds, and she had killed both his legs, Hiuaz is back in operation and began to fly. Victory aviatress met near Berlin.
For bravery and courage Hiuaz Dospanova was awarded the Red Star, World War 2 degrees, the Red Banner, and many medals. Decree of the President in Kazakhstan on the eve of the 60 anniversary of the victory she was awarded the title “Halyk Kakharmany”.

Monument Dospanov H. (2010) - Located in the heart of the city of Atyrau, in the Asian part of the city on the avenue, near the Ural River.


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