Monuments of Karagandy

Many monuments and memorials in Karagandy might also be interesting for tourists. For example, a monument of Bukhar Zhyrau (1693-1787) – a poet improviser, , advisor of Abylai Khan, monument of Abay Kunanbaev poet and writer of classic Kazakh literature and others.

Monument of Bukhar Zhyrau Kalkamanuly (1693-1787)

Bukhar Zhyrau Kalkamanuly (1693-1787), poet-improviser, bard, poet ideologue, advisor of Abylai Khan. Life and work Bukhar-zhyrau closely linked to Saryarka. Do not keep accurate information about birth, childhood, biography, the poet's death. However, based on legends and preserved in the people zhyrau poetic heritage, in recent years, some scientists have suggested that Bukhar-bard was born near Bukhara, and it was named in honor of the city.

Artworks Bukhar Zhyrau reached us in the form of Philosophy .- didaktich. poems. Zhyrau able to skillfully use the samples of the traditional oral folklore. «He did not say simple speeches, if told, he would say poetic meditations», - wrote about him a well-known scholar, folklorist, the first biographer zhyrau Mashhoor-Zhusup Kopeev. The main theme of the product Bukhar-bard - a love for people and homeland. He called her country, the unity of the country.

Monument of Abay Kunanbayev (1845-1904)

Abay Kunanbaev - the great Kazakh poet, writer, social activist, composer and founder of modern Kazakh written literature, and its first classic, the reformer of culture in the spirit of rapprochement with the Russian and European culture on the basis of enlightened liberal Islam. «Opening of the monument to Abai this event not only for Karaganda, but for the whole of Kazakhstan.
Abay for all Kazakhs and Kazakhstan - a great figure, a founder of Kazakh literature, philosophy, his words of edification relevant today. Monument to Abai Kunanbayev cast in bronze in the artistic and production plant in Karaganda regional organization of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan. Total height of the monument is 9.9 meters. The author of the monument to Abai is a sculptor Askar Nartov, 5-meter sculpture made of bronze in the artistic production plant in Karaganda regional organization of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan.

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