Monuments and memorials of Kostanay

Tourist attractions of Kostanay include various memorials, monuments and historical sights, namely, the monument of Kazybek Byi, a famous Kazakh judge, The monument «Pokoritelyam celiny», devoted to the exploration of virgin lands in Kazakhstan in the middle of XX century, Memorial «The Red Wall», which testifies about events of Civil War in the beginning of XX century and many others.


Kazybek Byi monument (1659 – 1765)
Kazybek Byi is the famous Kazakh judge. In order to regulate the government of the Kazakh juzy, Tauke Khan appointed Tole Byi judge of the big juz, Aiteke Byi was appointed judge of junior juz, Kazybek Byi was appointed judge of middle juz. According to the remained legends and archives Kazybek Byi Keldybekuly participated in work of «Tauke Khans code of laws». Kazybek Byi actively participated in State government in the time of Tauke Khan, Semeke, Abilmambet and Abylai, influenced on the internal and external politics. He is one of the organizers of liberation war against Jungars. He actively participated in liberation of Abylay Khan from the Jungarian captivity in the 40th years XVIII века.
In the 60th years of the XVIII century Cin Empire in order to gain Kazybek Byi over their part send him a lot of precious presents. But Kazybek Byi always was against the china part. He call Abylay upon not to build relationships with Cin Empire.
In people they call Kazybek Byi «Kaz dauysty Kazybek».

The description of the monument
The date – 2007 year.
The height of bust is 1м 70см, done of bronze and established on the concrete base plated with marble plates. In the highest part there is a marble plate with the name and years of life.
The size of bust in section – 2 х 2 м.
The height of bust – 1м 80 см.
The height of monument – 3,5 м.

The monument «Pokoritelyam celiny»
The architectural monument, devoted to the exploration of virgin lands. In honor of 30th anniversary of exploration of virgin lands on the date of 13th October 1984 year on the Komsomol area (Celinnik area)was opened the monument «Pokoritelyam celiny». On the date of 10th November of 1976year., after the all Soviet competition, where the idea of the monument was approved, the right for the immortalization of deed of explorers was committed to the art group. The authors: the main sculptor М.B. Smirnov and sculptor – А.P.Semenov.

All elements of the monument in clay were done in Moscow, after in Minsk. The Belarusian experts implemented the «field» in material. The figures of people and the Band of fame were poured in bronze on the Leningrad fabric «Мonument-Sculpture». The supporting structure was developed in Alma-Ata, and mounting and granite works were processed by experts of Moscow, Kostanay and Rudny.
The description of monument
The date – 1984 year
The address of location: Kostanay,the area of Celinniks
The monument consists of three figures and of a long blowing band, they locate on the trapeziform height. The sculptures of young men personify sowers and the young ladies personify land surveyors, who was walking on the first furrow. After them we can see the band with the wheat. On the glory band on the eastern and the southern parts You can see all the steps of exploring of virgin lands: from the first furrow till the first victory, till the first harvest. The figures of sowers, young ladies and the glory band are made of bronze. The basement is faced with granite plates. The area is plated with concrete plates.

Memorial «The Red Wall»
«The red wall» – the place of executing of Red Guards, the workers of party and soviet in 1918-19 years. Historical-revolutionary memorial, which testifies about events of Civil War.
The description of the memorial
The date – April 1919 г.
The address of location: Kostanay, Altynsarin str. 115
The Red Wall is the part of the barn of the trade persons house. The Red Wall is done of simple red clay bricks. On the surface of the wall the signs of shooting can be seen.

"Parovoz - Steam locomotive" monument

The historical monument which testifies about the event of exploration of virgin lands. 28 of February of 1954 year at 10.50 to the Kostanay station came the first echelon of Komsomolcy and young people from Ukraine to explore the virgin lands. It based on the eternal station in memory of epic of exploration of virgin lands – the symbol of whole-hearted service to the native land, the great event of Soviet epoch.
The description of the memorial
The date – 1980 year.
The address of location: Kostanay, on the area of the train station.
The train is located on the part of railroad, the length of which is 30 meters.
The inscription on the plate:
«The exploration of virgin lands gave the strong push to the development of productive forces of Kazakhstan, to the grouth of his economy, science, culture»

Memorial « In honor of perished in the years of the World War II»

The date – 1975 г. Location address: Kostanay, the Victory Park. Memorial in honor of perished in the years of the World War II represent the person-soldier, the right hand with submachine gun pulled down. In the left hand there is a bay leaf, which symbolizes victory and the end of the war. The total height of the soldier is 7м 40 см. It is made of high quality concrete, marble crumbs, duraluminium . Behind the figure there is a wall (length is 18m, height is 5 m). The names, surnames and patronymics of Kostanay soldiers are written on this wall (528 columns and 3648 surnames).


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