The city of Kostanai

Виртуальный тур

Kostanai had been settled in 1879 on the left bank of the Tobol River. Russian and Ukrainian peasant immigrants became the city's founders. The predominant way of life in Kostanai consisted, mostly, of trade and agriculture . Numerous fairs and markets were arranged there. Business contacts were established and the goods were exchanged. As a result, the local trading community, quickly became one of the main political forces in the city. With the efforts and funds provided by local merchants, the city acquired a unique architectural appearance within the first twenty-thirty years of the city life. This older section is what Kostanai is famous for, now. Many houses of the old merchants still exist here. One of them a big old time shop of the brothers Yakushev, along with houses of the merchants Voronov, Voischev, Senokosov and Lorentz. Now, these buildings are one of the most interesting places of the city.Different agencies and offices and institutions are located inside these buildings now. Mainly belonging to the sphere of culture - museums, libraries and theatres. Many people consider Kostanai to possess a rather original architectural style, containing the traditions of both Moscow and Siberia.


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