Tugay woods in lower reaches of Syrdarya

Виртуальный тур

Tugay woods are the original long-drawn oases stretching along valleys with rivers. They never dry and occupy rather small areas – barely ten meters from the water's edge on both coasts. An enormous variety of vegetation can be found in the tugay woods of Syrdarya, including hedges of oleaster, tamarisk and turanga and the famous relic Asian poplar. Tugay woods have a unique microclimate which make it different from the ecosystems of the surrounding deserts. Its should also be mentioned that the landscapes are very difficult to pass through and look like real jungle, formed by a dense texture of bushes and high grass. Tugay woods of Syrdarya are the nesting place for numerous water fowl. A great variety of mammals also live here. Long ago the Tiray tiger lived here but has since disappeared, as the area of woods it once inhabited was significantly reduced. In the middle of the XIX century its population was rather impressive and adventurers rarely came back without reports of seeing the striped predator.


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